Rajputana’s latest LOCO

As per they promised earlier the have released their latest Custom named LOCO on the middle of July, 2011.  we yet don’t have the detail specification of the the latest Custom stuffs, but soon we will update.

Rajputana custom LOCO Photos

On their official Facebook page  they said

LOCO…..Everyone keeps askin me about the price so here it is: A custom job like this would cost you Rs 75,000 and above depending on how much work you wanna get done to it. Ride safe.

Rajputana custom LOCO Photos

There isn’t a lot of information available about the bike, so I’ll go through what I can confidently see with my own eyes… It’s a late 90’s-early 00’s “AVL” carby model with front disk brake, stock tank, and it looks like a stock frame. Some of the mods that I can spot include;

Rajputana custom LOCO Photos

  • Chopped front and rear fenders
  • New rear suspension
  • New exhaust
  • Thin solo seat
  • Chunky old-school tyres
  • New bars, mirror, speedo, and headlamp assembly
  • Indicators, tail lamp, and number plate mount
  • Paint (duh)
Rajputana custom LOCO Photos

Please mention us (350CC.com) when you contact Rajputana Custom Motorcycles.

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7 thoughts on “Rajputana’s latest LOCO

  1. How can I own a machine like this? Looks like he doesn’t deliver those customs for any commercial aspect but as an armature. I wish he concentrates to build some machine for people who wants to own them.

  2. I am very happy that I am planning for Rajputana now. since 2 years im back and been following Rajput motorcycles now now it’s time to get Rajput get Rajput………… Jai Rajput…..!

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