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Rajputana Customs  is a motorcycle outfit based in Jaipur. Building custom motorcycles on an order basis is what they  do. They  modify existing bikes as well as build them from scratch. They guy Vijay Singh was born in Jaipur and Educated at Mayo College Ajmer (boarding school), he said ” my dad put me on my first motorcycle – a BSA Falcon AKA a BSA Bond – when I was 7 years old.

Here’s a awesome Video by by Starving Artist videos, shared by Vijay himself on facebook.

RCM – 02.02.2012 from Starving Artist videos on Vimeo.

Ever since then I was on the motocross track (which has now been converted into Central park), learning how to ride and later race in the 75cc class with grown men. My love for motorcycles has grown 100 fold since and now I’m at a stage in my life when I can choose to act upon it. After finishing 4 grueling years of Mass Communication at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, I came back home to Jaipur in June 2009. After a lot of thought and convincing (the family and more so myself), I decided to give my custom motorcycle building dreams a serious shot and set up a garage in Jaipur. We showcased our first bike – ‘Original Gangster’ – at the New Delhi auto expo 2010. After a very positive response and overwhelming affection for the bike at the expo we started taking orders to build motorcycles for customers as well. We finished our second bike – ‘Lightfoot’, commissioned by John Abraham – in July 2010. We are continuing to produce highly stylized, exquisitely detailed, awe-inspiring machines, with flawless functionality. So if you have a bike and want to give it some individuality in the cookie cutter of motorcycles out there then you’ve come to the right place. Be it modifications to an existing Royal Enfield, or having a custom bobber or chopper built from scratch…we do it. Cause the machine that you sit on tells the world exactly where you stand”. You can call him at Vijay Singh at 09928164795.

Source : rajputanacustoms.com

Please mention us (350CC.com) when you contact Rajputana Custom Motorcycles.

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