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After lunching the latest LOCO last week, Vijay Singh,  the lad behind Rajputana Customs, declared it with a price tag of 75k to 1lac for the custom charge. The cost will be same for the earlier Laado too. We believe soon we will see more customs from them for the buyers. For now you can raise a order through their website, they will start building once the money formal transaction steps are initiated

Basic Cost for Custom

LOCO – 75,000 INR

LAADO –  Leave a message for detail.

The price may varies upto 1,50000 due to buyer’s add-on.

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Please mention us (350CC.com) when you contact Rajputana Customs Motorcycles.

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26 thoughts on “Rajputana custom’s price

  1. Sincerement, je suis sur qu’il manque pas mal d’informations a cet article. enfin bref… comme je suis en train tout juste de decouvrir ce site internet, alors je vais penser a observer si il y en a plus a l’interieur.

  2. Hi, I work with a custom unit in NYC, I used to work as a painter. Great to see those motorcycles by the guy. Keep it up. India must feel proud for you.

  3. hey bro m really proud man u makng suck bikes ..recollect memories of history f hitler nd bikes ..wish i will surely customize ma bike it frm u

  4. Guyz u ppl just rokkkkk!!!!! I needed to knw if the cost is fo modification or fo the bike….. i dont hav a bullet to gt it modified if u could clarify me with this i wil b in rajasthan the very nxt day!!!

  5. hy
    will u pls send me the price with model photo.if u can
    bec i would like to bye one,also pls send u r Google location or address.
    du u have any branches in Mumbai or Chennai.

  6. whats the price for rajputana bike i want to purchase Do You have any branches in Mumbai modification or total price ? Pls Send Me A Mail.

  7. Hello,
    I am willing to purchase a bike,
    could you please send me bikes pics and their price,
    and the specification also like the engine capacity,
    and ya as i am a ride freak so i’ll go anywhere my machine will be with me so
    the fuel economy also matter for me
    could you please send me pictures and price.

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