Rag & Bone Customs in Goa – truly A R T I S T I C

I always used to think I’m not a fan of racer bikes…like you are enjoying your ride and then someone cheesing you and make you fu*ked up with his new fancy horns with designer tail lights…or at least I was until I started taking notice of classic race bikes. While I’m still not a fan of the angular fairings of modern sportsbikes, I seem to have developed a very soft spot for the smooth curves of a retro racer.
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Rag & Bone Customs was started by Paul Smith & Stuart Cantellow who hand build one off bespoke bikes in Goa, India. I truly became mega fan of their bikes. These guy’s biking sense is so vintage, so awesome, I doubt, seems better than a lot big names who are doing huge business modifying bikes past years.

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Lets hear from them : “”We decided to create a face book page due to the great response we had from India Bike Week 2013 & from various internet sites. We wanted to show people what is possible when you have a simple idea, a lot of time and patience, limited knowledge, basic tools & good friends around.It all started when myself Stuart Cantellow decided to build a custom rigid frame Royal Enfield here in Goa. My friend Paul Smith has been customizing and building bikes for over ten years and he wasn’t thinking about building another chop but he knew I would be in his garage pretty much every waking hour trying bring my new ride alive.

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I had no tools and limited to no experience with Royal Enfield’s. I had only restored & built a custom Lambretta’s before so with the help, knowledge & experience from Paul we both went to work and built two bikes side by side in his small garage over the space of five months. It wasn’t without it’s up and downs and set backs.

Rag & Bone Customs -garrage

There’s times when you feel like banging your head against a brick wall as can be expected when building any custom bike in India. Pretty much everything has to be hand made for the simple reason that you cant buy anything off the shelf. Everything else was done in house in our fully equipped “BASIC” workshop which consists of vice, battery drill, electric hand grinder and of course a stick welder.

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The most important thing about what we have done is that it’s all about having fun with friends and laughing until your stomach hurts. It’s like the blind leading the blind and we are learning new things everyday.

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It’s amazing what you can do with a simple idea and we hope to be building bikes for many years to come so thanks for all the positive support to help bring this page together. Enjoy……..””

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11 thoughts on “Rag & Bone Customs in Goa – truly A R T I S T I C

  1. they are two foreigner ….i have read about them somewhere…cant remember where..!!! great art work! masterpiece !!

  2. really artistic! can beat any american or British/German custom bike.. keep the good work up dudes…!

  3. one of my friend went to Goa there, he took photos of the bikes in some beach..they were parking..he took lots of photos as he was almost speechess…
    its a awesome artwork…

  4. One of the world’s Finest Bullet modification.I wan to use the exhaust-Wrapper for my Bullet. How can I get one?

  5. I want to modify my bullet. kindly tell me your location so I can come and talk to you personally. thank you.

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