Raangad, Another Art From Rajputana Custom Motorcycle

After huge appreciation of all their previous builds, the third custom motorcycle of this year and  the newest bike out of Rajputana Customs, was announced by Vijay Singh, the former of Rajputana Custom Motorcycle, in short RCM, consistently turning out some of the most eye catching customs of the past two years. Rangaad was, somehow replica of their early production Nandi, which was another eye catcher. The term “Ragnaad is a Rajasthani word (slang) for an aggressive and wild person” explained Vijay.

Talking on Rangaad, Vijay told to 350cc.com, “It was made for Mr. Manish Talreja in New Delhi. He is a big guy who does heavy weight training and wanted a big bike to go with his looks.  He loved Nandi and was insistent that we build him an identical bike, nonetheless, everyone knows that we never build 2 bikes which are identical.” The bike was built from a Donor bike 500cc Royal Enfield, Vijay disclosed us “Even though both the tyre sizes of the Nandi and Raangad are the same (3000 rear and 130×23 front), there are a whole lot of differences in the 2 bikes….if you start with the frame we have split double down-tubes on Raangad as opposed to to the single on Nandi….Raangad is a mono-shock softail & Nandi is a hardtail.The handlebars and riding postures (footpegs) are also completely different….the list goes on. ”

Now the main part is pricing, what Vijay says, is pretty justified for such an excellent custom. “A bike like this will cost 4.5 lakhs to customize and take 2 months to build“. They did all Justice with the price and accessories “we gave Raangad a detachable second seat along with 2 custom painted helmets which you can see in one of the pictures”

And there we have it, another genius bike from RCM. In all seriousness, RCM guys must work so hard to be able to grace us with so many sweet rides so frequently. We genuinely hope that Vijay and the boys continue to send their bikes our way and that we may in turn sizzle your eyeballs with them. Thanks guys, specially Vijay for providing the info to us  – thanks from all of us.

Photo courtesy: Rajputan Custom Motorcycle.

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  1. 4.5 Lac for the custom charge only (excluding the donor bike?)…!! 🙁 too expensive 🙁 even a harley is less costly than you 🙁 you’re incomparable though..but wont be able to afford a 5.5 lac for a Royal Enfield:(

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