1. vignesh says:

    hey guys i am looking for a customs bike i love that in page 1 one row 3 photo customed bike is awesome if any know about the owner please there contact number please please please please

  2. abhishek ghose says:

    i want to have my bullet customised

  3. Sowmya says:

    dear sir,i like the modification of bullelt 350cc into Bulleteer-Customs-Carbon-Modifiedlook like bajaj pusar. i am from odisha and want to know the price of modification with accessories. i have the bullet 350 cc electra.so send me the quotation in my mail id please.regardskailash

  4. Anna says:

    Hi,All bikes are designed to the every small dtaiels. But I have observed one engg detail which can cause damage to the bike. The front alloy wheel spokes are in compression instead of tension (the wheel is to be flipped to get spokes in right direction). Im sure since these will be imported wheels made for some other bikes, it would have been challenging to fix them on custom forks. But in case of a rough ride and hard breaking, those wheels will be the first to cause damage.

  5. Yazmin says:

    Dear bulleteer cuitomszng group .1st of all im really happy to c the responses u getting. great work guyz .really creatives .keep going. ..and Im having bullet 350 im very much impressed by ur shadow model 09809228620 is my mob number. ismy id .pls mail me or possible ring me I wil follow uin Facebook. ..pls giv me the details of ur shadow model .thanks alot 4 the patients to read ths

  6. pragnesh dave says:

    hi guys I m very happy to see ur modified bullet n I likemost ur hearly look md I wan know abt expense of modified like harly,,,. . I have 350 classic model 2012 modell n I wana a quotation of modification like hearly look. I m waiting fr ur rply

  7. Amin says:

    You people simply rock!!! Now this is called the real customization..just wanna get my classic 350 to be customised by the RAJPUTANA customs!! Wanna know everything about the modification process.. please do reply..:)

  8. Amit Roy says:

    i own re electra uce ts 350 cc.i want to get it modified like 8 ball rajputana .please mail me the rate for the job with city adress to get the job done .and all the details required for the job.

    with regards
    Amit Roy.

  9. manoj Singh says:

    I love royal enfield.Royal Enfield is very good bike.


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