Performance Exhaust, Khaliaro Cannon, Cobra or Short Shift?

In the old days, Motorcycle exhaust was just a metal pipe assembled in engine to route hot, noxious fumes away from the site of ignition. It wasn’t long, however, until engineers discovered that the pipe’s length and diameter and material affected the engine’s power and efficiency, and from that point forward, installing the perfect exhaust became an important factor for overall Motorcycle play ground. With numerous motorcycle brands in current days and worldwide plenty exhaust production houses, this is very important you pick the right pipe for your bike. In India, Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for their elegance and aura. The popularity of Royal Enfield lies in the massive cult following the brand has garnered in the last decade or so. And also Royal Enfields are also among the most customized bikes in the world. There are huge aftermarket accessories are often makes you tousle in choosing the right product. From the headlight to handlebar, alloy wheels to back rests, the number is uncountable. Above all the aftermarket products, one should be most vigilant when choosing a Royal Enfield Exhaust, which directly connected to the Engine physically! Being myself a Royal Enfield owner, I tried plenty aftermarket exhausts an finally knotted with 2 Khalidaro exhausts, one is old Cannon and then another is Short-Shift. The wandering started in five years back, when my Enfield was few years old and I was experimenting all the available Exhaust in market, from 2000/- to 8000/- range and finally came across very clean and classy Khalidaro products.

The USP of Khalidaro exhausts are the pure Stainless steel body with high grade aluminium nozzle which creates a high bass sound. The exhaust has 1250 degree Celsius heat bearing capacity and the nozzle is turned to match with a cone shaped muffler which creates a good amount of back pressure due to which mileage is not affected. As a daily commuter as well as being a road explorer, I personally, am very finicky over motorcycle accessories as one wrong part could not only choked you in the middle of a thousand miles of Trip, also spoils your months of planning and money -So I had to be choosy. With Kaliaro Cannon, I have traveled big shots of about 4/5K Kilometers in limited time and never had a single issue.

Kolkata to Wagah border 2015
Kolkata to Nagpur 2016
Kolkata to Karnataka 2017
Kolkata to Kerala 2018

With the miles I covered with both the Cannon and Short Shift, It was extremely satisfactory experience with the quality. Both  Cannon and Short-shift are been tuned especially for Royal Enfield to give a specialized grooved bass sound, the cone shaped muffler increases the performance as this turns the nozzle to create the circular airflow which enhances the back pressure, hence you would perceive the extra torque specially, while ridding in a Hill areas. 

Truly bot the exhausts are aid in the trips and worth every penny considering number of miles I have ridden in past years without any hazard.

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