Pardus ~ Yamaha RX 135 Cafe Racer by Iron Soul Machine

One of the finest two stroke motorcycle Yamaha RX135 is always been a worshipful among bike enthusiasts. The RX series  was low on mileage and a polluting motorcycle according to new EURO regulations. Demand started to fall drastically when there were better options available. Two stroke era was finally  shut down in India by mid- 2005! However like every other bike enthusiasts, we still worship those two strokes and always happy to see them arround…the latest one we have in our inbox with a Cafe Racer form by our old friend Iron Soul Machine.

“Its been a a while that we have did our first build and we have got a lot of love and support from the readers at! And we are here again with our second build and this time its again a ‘Cafe Racer’ and the donar bike is all time racing specialist Yamaha Rx135.

We wanted to bring up a design that is impressive and also just out of box stuff. It took a great deal to figure out how the bike needs to be done and had to work on it several times turning down different concepts that came in mind. The one that stood in mind resulted into Pardus.

As stated earlier, the bike has a 2-stroke 135cc heart, has been bumped up with an external air filter and performance exhaust with an expansion chamber. It was given a color combination of matt black with metallic orange. Pardus name is perfect chosen for this beast as it means ‘Leopard’ and is an ancient greek word.

Rest I would like to thank entire families of both of us for all the encouragement they provided us during the build. Special thanks goes to Bambukaat Motorcycles again. Brother Simranjeet and Sarabdeep Singh are also to be mentioned for all they have done during the process.

At last the people behind the build Mr. Billa, our mechanic and Mr. Darshan, our painter hor doing a super fabulous job in their niche.

The love and support of the people gives us the courage to do better and better in our future builds. So it will always be great to hear from you.”
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#5, Narnaul Colony,
Industrial Area,
near Eagle Motel,
Rajpura, Punjab (140401)
Phone Number: 9988892280

Photo : Iron Soul Machines

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5 thoughts on “Pardus ~ Yamaha RX 135 Cafe Racer by Iron Soul Machine

  1. Nice one. Which speedometer is used ? can u tell me the make, model n where it is available?
    or suggest any speedo which will be suitable for RX 100 .

  2. hello sir

    my name is priyesh patel. i am a designer engineer. i love bike of course all the people say this line that read your blog. but i have different moto.
    i want or i like or i love to do bike modification but i dont know how to start. i have suzuki max 100 that is my first bike from my first salary thats y i love that bike. can u help me or suggest for my bike and my dream. and please email me on

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