Latest restored Royal Enfield Bullets from MCBC Studio

Among bike aficionados the Royal Enfield Bullet has a pride of place. and you must agree, there’s a huge trend of restoring older models of Royal Enfield in every bullet enthusiast you meet, The Royal Enfield Bullet has a romance that’s difficult to express. You have got to experience it. And some people would go all out to get an antique Enfield, restore it and use it. Like those beautiful two’s we received from MCBC Studio from Faridabad who were consistently restoring old beloved Bullets (well, old Royal Enfields mostly were Bullets and still there’s many who call all the Royal Enfields a Bullet, and we don’t blame)

“This one is called ‘Camo Turbo’. The donor/ base bike is a Thunderbird and as you can see we haven’t changed it too much! The main highlight is the 3 color camouflage paint-job, an outcome of a very tedious and time-taking process of multi-layer painting. Also, the speedo-meter has been made out of the stock meter console. We hope that this will be a trend setter like our previous Sepoy range in military colors.”

Along with ‘Camo Turbo’ we got one more restoration from MCBC Studio, which is  a remake (5th version) of their first build ‘Black Bob’. There is not much to explain, the picture ought to do the talking!

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Photo : MC/BC Studio.

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12 thoughts on “Latest restored Royal Enfield Bullets from MCBC Studio

  1. Hi Guys,

    Appreciate the quality and good work done by you guys.

    I have a certain build in mind and i have initiated it myself without much help. Would like to use your expertise to finish the job. Some bodywork and then of course mirror finish glossy block paint job.

    Would you please let me know if you would have time to take up the job and then may be i can visit you in person and take it forward from there.

    Ride Safe.


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