Johny Bravo – New bull from Bobbers & Choppers aka MC/BC Studio

In house, we consider a day is great one when we get some new build ups in our Inbox. After previously build Black Bob from Bobber and Chopper, we’ve received another decent creation from Bobber and Chopper, well the name is slightly modified this time – MC/BC Studio, stands for Motorcycle Customization by Bobbers & Choppers. Thanks to the builder Naveen Nair for providing the information. Johny Bravo – the bull to bobber!


“This time I have again come to you with my latest creation – ‘Johny Bravo’. It’s a chopper or rather a ‘semi-chopper’. Pls find attached pictures for a better idea. The whole body is a brand new build with adjustable handle-bars for the right posture as desired…” bobbers choppers for sale


Naveen later shared with us “..An important update – we have done a revamp on our latest build ‘Johny Bravo’. It is now a  more bulky, low-height bobber with a little more retro feel to it…”


“..We have reduced the front suspension drastically, changed the headlight & handle-bar and painted the engine black with silver highlights. We went back to the drawing board following a few negative feedbacks, hoping that it would all be for the best. Honestly, the bike couldn’t have looked better – heart felt thanks to those feedbacks! Hope you’d agree with us…”


Listed below are some of the key features –
1) chrome panel with meters & ignition switch on the tank
2) 130mm wide tyres (front & rear)
3) side rear number plate & light
4) front indicators on the handle-bar
5) Chrome front fork tubes- wider & extended
6) Retro design on tank


This bike is up for sale at a very nominal price of Rs 1,30,000. For further details about Johny Bravo or for any other modification requirement you may reach to Naveen on 09953089992.

Photo : MC/BC Studio. Thanks to Naveen Niar for detailed info.

Note : Please mention us ( when you contact MC/BC Studio.

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6 thoughts on “Johny Bravo – New bull from Bobbers & Choppers aka MC/BC Studio

  1. OK. I wish you extend the frame as well since you increase the tank size. the bike looks shorter in length (atleast in photo) which is disappointing for a bullet.

  2. Hi guys, thanks for your valueble feedbacks… replying to some of the queries above: tyres are 130mm (front & rear), all parts including tank have been prepared on order.. hope you’ve noticed that there are two versions of this bike- one with extended frame and one with a shorter one.

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