Nautilus – Royal Enfield 500cc Cruiser by Bulleteer Customs

If you are into motorcycle, you know the charm of the open road, a rumbling exhaust, and the wind in your face are ­irresistible. Throw in camaraderie, lifestyle, and spirit of adventure, and it’s easy to understand motorcycle riding’s escapist appeal. It may as well be a drug, because once you get hooked, you never want to stop. Even a short trip to the grocery store is more fun on a bike. Over the years, motorcycles have increased in refinement, sophistication, comfort, and safety – from bike manufacturers to city based bike builder, the goal remains the same – to provide ultimate comfort without compromising with the performance! With the essence of American lifestyle, Cruiser styled bikes provides a lot of luxury while riding and are evergreen popular among certain bike enthusiasts who see themselves as rebel on the road roaring. A good example of a comfortable cruiser is today what we have  here, a customised bike without much drilling the frame which assure you no serious loss in performance area – Nautilus – a Royal Enfield 500cc  modified by Bulleteer Customs.

Ricardo Pereira, director of Bulleteer Customs shared the detailed specification with us, “The latest of our Cruiser collection and built for the captain of  High Sea Voyager, this one is in tribute to captain Nemo’s Nautilus , one of the most handsome naval vessels of all time. With a 190mm rear and a 120mm  front tyre fit on alloys , a 500 cc engine with dual Gatling gun exhausts and the most comfortable custom seats in the business , this one’s a true highway star , the color is a deep sea blue and is uniquely Bulleteer Customs.”


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10 thoughts on “Nautilus – Royal Enfield 500cc Cruiser by Bulleteer Customs

  1. Nice bike, that model is competable for less used RE bikes, it’s possible for used bike, I’m intrested to buy that models, how much cost it’s? Kindly replied me.

  2. hey, i loved your work, i m so much interested in coustom bikes & curisur bikes, please send me details of your every bike , lowest to highest costs.

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