More customs from Royal Mech’s workshop

Man, machine and asphalt – the three elements of the humble universe of biking. Only a biker truly understands the feeling of wind rustling through the strands of hair, on a long, seemingly unending highway through the countryside. Or the feeling of being woken up by the first rays of the morning sun, shining off the speedo chrome. They often say that the bike is an extension of a biker’s body – like a hypothetical additional limb, that elevates the spirit and transports the rider to a world abundant with peace, oneness and bliss. 

The guys in Royal Mech, who believed this, were featured here earlier, have number of complete projects in their bag and so obvious we thought of sharing some of them with you guys. This time we have included Sports and Dirt bikes modded by them. Have a Look…

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6 thoughts on “More customs from Royal Mech’s workshop

  1. showcase more sports bike with more details please…like donor bike, charge etc….thanks.

    1. We have two variants in sports bike.. one for Rs 85000 (150mm Rear tire) and Another for Rs 1.2L (with 200mm profile tire)
      Donor bike can be anyone.. with minimum150cc engine..

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