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There was a time when there was a world without mass-produced stock dirt motorcycles, riders had to transform their regular street bikes into grass churning, hill climbing beast that could handle themselves on any surface – the rougher the better – This is how Scrambles were invented in England back in the late 1920’s. It’s been almost hundred years, the riders yet to change their weird moto! They still want to cross all the territory with road or with no road…and scramblers remain live in every rider’s heart ~ they developed in terms of performance, comfort and accessibility!  Today we have in put bucket a Royal Enfield Cast Iron (CI) engine, converted into a all territory scrambler by Nomad Motorcycles in Pune.

Modified Royal Enfield Scrambler off roading~ Nomad Motorcycles

“Here is the latest scrambler to roll out of Nomad. Built For a close friend Bhushan Munot this motorcycle belonged to his father so our first constraint was no cuts to the frame and he didn’t want to stray to far from the Enfield theme!
The bike has an endure style inverted front fork for tall ride height with loads of travel. Along with the This motorcycle has no issues dealing with any obstacles thrown her way and sticks to the ground when she’s at it!
The scrambler tyres do a great job on all terrain including tarmac. The rear seat has loads of room for rear travel and a shocker in the seat for plush ride quality. The tank doesn’t stray too far from the Enfield feel.

A ton of small details like-

  • Shadow tribal paint.
  • Custom machined Indicators and tail light.
  • Knurled allm grips and pegs.
  • Short bottle exhaust.

Most importantly its loads of fun to ride one can really go all out and she handles great!


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Nomad Motorcycles Pune
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5 thoughts on “Modified Royal Enfield Scrambler ~ Nomad Motorcycles

  1. Good. But why would anyone chose a underpower overweight bike for a Scrambler? No matter hoow successful RE is…one should chose a lighter bike which produce more power with that volume of engine.

    1. Hey Allen the owner picked this enfield becuase of of the long history he has with this particular vehicle!
      I agree that a lighter peppier motorcycle would do much more damage as a scrambler!

  2. Hey, I’d like to know what would it cost for this entire build. I’m restoring my dad’s bullet and I like this particular mod

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