Modded Royal Enfield Electra 4S by an Amateur

The custom motorcycle scene in country is pumping and with this comes new ideas and  influx of world class, original custom builds. We believe, everyone should have a hobby. Something removed from everyday employment in order to keep one’s sanity. Today’s feature bike is a result of keeping work and play separate, of escapism of the best kind, that of custom motorcycle building.

A government employee by profession, Hima, from Mizoram, Aizawl, explored his true passion building his custom standard Royal Enfield 4S, with help of bike enthusiast local friends. The donor bike was a gift from his father in 2005 while he was doing his Masters in Economics.

Hima shared to “I am not a professional bike builder and this one was done as a hobby. I had some wild ideas in my head and I had two friends who helped me out and helped put my ideas into action. My mechanic, who is a close friend did the body work. His name is Malsawma a.k.a Ms-a, he rides with The Aizawl Thunders, the only Bullet club here in Aizawl.He is one of the best bullet customizers here in Aizawl. He is also a government servant, he customizes motorcycles when he’s got time away from his office work. The paint job was done by another friend named Zote-a, he also works in a college here, he paints at home when he’s free. He’s very good with air brushing etc.”
customized royal enfield bullet
He described us in detail “Anyway, for starters, there are no modifications or alterations of the main chasis on this one, also the swing-arm is un-altered. The fuel tank is an old Yezdi tank, which we found is some old garage. The handlebar is custom made, and the white grips are imported from Taiwan. The headlight is a motor fog light. I chose to use it as I wanted a small headlight to give a wider look to the original forks. The front rim is a Cbz rim, the rear is a pulsar rim. Both the tyres are MRF zappers, they are both 18” rims. The front tyre is 140 and the rear is 120. Since the rear rim is wider than the front, the rear tyre looks wider than the front. I wanted the front tyre to have a bigger profile, so I chose to use a 140.
He continued “The rear fender is customized and the fender frame has been customized too so that the gap between the rear tyre and the fender is reduced to a great extent. The paint is custom made, we mixed a couple of paints to come up with a retro blue color. The pin striping is done not by hand but by an air brush, coz we dont have a good pin striper here in Aizawl. There are two dices painted on both the side box. There is a letter E inside one die on the side box, well, the letter E stands for my Girlfriend, if you should know :)”
The seat cover has been stitched by one shop here, they regularly make seat covers for almost all types of two wheelers. I dont know if I had in my last mail sent you a pic which shows the detail work on the seats. The exhaust is a stock exhaust. Thats pretty much about the work done on my Electra.”
“One thing I’d like to point out is, all the designs were done by me and Ms-a and Zote-a helped me put my ideas into reality. The built took about three weeks as there was no dead line. We worked on our free time and also there was no hurry. I think we did pretty well considering the difficulty of getting tools and parts here in the north-east.”

 Photo’s courtesy : Hima

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14 thoughts on “Modded Royal Enfield Electra 4S by an Amateur

  1. honestly i never imagined of this binding of a Yezdi tank on a enfield frame! seriously man it’s honored to see such thoughts comes and goes around our country bike passionates! generically it’s a mix of a bobber and a cafe racer….if am not wrong!

  2. agreed…you should work as a professional…by the way bro..i have heard that modifying bikes are not allowed in hill station?????i heard from somewhere its not legal in hill countties like Nepal…not sure about mizoram

  3. Thank you ladies 🙂 Well, there was some proposal for banning modification of motorcycles here as well, but I dont think it will be approved. Its crazy! Well I would love to build more bikes in the future, in fact I have one more, waiting to be restored lets see how things go. Ride safe!

  4. Cool yaar! Three Qs – 1) If i come to Mizoram would I be able to take pictures with ur bike? 2) Wud u be able arrange a photo seesion with me and the girl standing next to ur bike? She too hot yaar. Too hot. 😀 Hope shes not ur gf? 3) What if u break up with ur ‘E’ gf wud say to the world “its not a girl’s name its my babe’s name called Electra?” That wud too cool dude!!!

  5. Great job Hima…..awesome i like it
    great finishing and great color selection…
    I can imagine the hard work put into it.

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