Metal Thrashing Mad – Ashwin’s metal ride

Caution: Riding too much of a bullet might lose your screw. The vibration and the unavoidable affection may result turning you into sick Bullet freak, a super freak indeed! For an example we took this Guy, Ashwin Naik. The metal runs in his vain and turned his Bullet a chopped Cafe racer! A Cafe racer with all naked metal flashing! We had asked bit of this cafe and Ashwin shared his story: “well the bike was abandoned by my uncle who migrated to Australia. So got my hands on it, restored it and rode it for a while. I Love bikes, almost grew up around them, liked getting my hands dirty and I’m highly creative when it comes to designing machines, so I thought of making an appearance at Rider Mania to see where I stand. ”

“Spent a day thinking about the design and modelling it on my computer once i finalized the design, first fabricated the tank, kind of a rookie job but turned out pretty nice it took like around 3-4 days to build. then sold off my love (my DSLR) and got the profiles cut with a water jet. then purchased new rims n parts required, chopped off the frame and rebuilt it with my own custom touch, made my own seat, hand bent break and gear levers, even the bars on the chassis were hand bent to perfection, built the front suspension which is one of its kind (bet no one in this country has anything like it), made a headlamp out of a R1 projector and Avenger headlamp reflector, moved the swing arm 3 inches behind for better cornering and all this in just five days without any help. Didn’t really make it to rider mania but managed to catch the eyes of Motoring world magazine and the CEO of Eicher Motors, Sidharth Lal who chased me down in order checkout the bike!!”

Ashwin and his friend Amritanand Mishra are on the way to get you into his workshop soon at Bhayander , Metal Thrashing Mad is joining the race soon.

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12 thoughts on “Metal Thrashing Mad – Ashwin’s metal ride

  1. this is more like a concept bike. am not sure how steady the bike/ride would be…can see some tied part!!!!! but good for collection. best of luck

  2. well! u got to ride it to judge it… I use this bike for daily commute plus rides, have even done the trip to Goa on this baby. and the tied up part… is my shoelace just to add the ratty touch 🙂

  3. Wow, superb work. Looks really raw, yet so stylish. Very imaginative and simply awesome.

    I had just one doubt though. Are modified bikes allowed on Indian Roads ? A while back I had read somewhere RTO seized two Modified bike and a car which was converted into a limousine. So are these bikes allowed and are there any certificates that you need to obtain from RTO ?

  4. Most beautiful Rat Rod i have seen on Indian website. Looks awesome. Its not for everyone, but for those who like it, it magnificent.. Keep it up man…

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