Laid your eyes on these cool new custom Royal Enfields

Okey! Let me admit, these guys from Bulleteer Custom are wrenching and welding at a far greater rate than my scrawny little fingers can type. True! and if you are already aware of their Streetrod, then there’s no point of telling you guys how awesome they are, how polished, how creative and technicaly talented they are, no I’ll not.  I’ll just give their latest bikes to you! Now don’t crush me if you are jealous.



Our rendition of what we like about choppers but of course with a Bulleteer Customs twist, this one is true crowd puller and was built solely because some one said we have not built a contemporary chopper type bike yet, this bike features a Pirelli Nightdragon 240mm rear tyre on 18inch alloys, and a 140mm front , disc brakes adorn the gold alloys and the overall length of 8 feet 1 inch surely add to Karma’s appeal.



For a more classy and flamboyant taste, this bike features comfortable seating for two and is one of the most practical Cruisers we have built or for that matter any one has. The bike was built to have a factory finish and when we heard by standers ask if this was a new model from the company, we were truly honoured, while other custom motorcycles in India are busy hiding the fact that they are originally Royal Enfields, Our bikes are proud to be Royal Enfields …just the best looking ones around!



This is the 18th of our  Streetrod’s and also the 5th Evolution of our Streetrod design, Its been a great journey since the first Streetrod 3 years back and we are still loving every bit of it, Streetrod is our adaptation of Kaizen the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement in our processes and engineering and although we have a long way to go , we have also come a long way, with our latest Streetrod featuring a 240mm Avon Cobra in the rear and a 140mm front, the bike was based on the latest  Classic 500 of course moded for more power, a much more refined rear and front suspension guaranteeing precise handling and a comfortable ride and improvements is 7 other areas of the bike, this our proudest bikes yet and a lot more are around the corner.

On a footnote, we must thank to Bulleteer Customs for providing all the info and photos. We’ll be waiting for their upcoming bikes, according to them they are already on the way of making of Rockstar, Saphire, Eclipse and Dark Knight! Cheers.

You may reach them via : 099 7286 2139/ 097 3807 5289 (Bangalore)

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12 thoughts on “Laid your eyes on these cool new custom Royal Enfields

  1. would love to have one! seen the Streetrod earlier in some website earlier……i guess i’m more in love with the rest two’s! are the all 3 front forks same??? looks amazing!

  2. Hi! I would like to buy and get this bike(stiker) to Nepal. It would be my pleasure getting your words to my mail abt it’s price and processedure.

  3. Can u tell me the cost of stiker……….. !!!!!
    i have a Royal Enfield classic 350, can u modifiy it into a stiker….

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