Indori – Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500cc Bobber by KR Customs

Custom bikes have been part of a lifestyle or we can say a style statement since they inhabited, from shifting one to another motorcycle, upgrade performances, altering the stock look and it keeps going on throughout the lifetime endlessly, customized motorcycles are artistic resemblance of one’s uniqueness! No matter how old one becomes – motorcycles have been associated with style and glamour; it is a symbol of rebellion, freedom and protest. From changing the entire structure and look of existing bike models to building completely new ones from scratch, India got some distinct talented bike designers, who are rewriting the rules of how bikes should look. Today we have one such builder here with us, who enormously ascertained their competence in their very first build – KR Customs from Chennal city and witness a Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500cc’s transformation into a unerring topnotch bobber – Indori!modified-bobber-royal-enfield-desert-storm-500cc-photographyt-by-kr-customs

Talking about themselves and the build, Krish Rajan,the former of KR Customs shared few lines with us “We are “KR Customs” based in Chennai, India. My name is Krish Rajan, founder of KR Customs, a small bike shop based in the vibrant coastal city of Chennai, South India. Most people who know me call me “Krish”. I would describe myself as a bike enthusiast first and armature builder later. My custom bike journey started about 5 years ago when my company decided to relocate me to Chennai. I work for an IT company and still have a day Job! Having been a bike rider and enthusiast all my life I remember my first ride going all the way back to when I was just 8 years old. Over the years the passion for “all things bike” continued but life sort of got in the way, moved to united states as a student and after graduating from University of Toledo with a master degree in Applied Math (go figure!) decided to work in IT field.

Upon moving to Chennai the bike bug remained strong. India is a cacophony of sorts with all kinds of bikes from overpriced Harleys and Indian motorcycles to more affordable local brands like Royal Enfield. Unfortunately the import duties make it tough to buy a Harley or Indian at a reasonable cost. For the most part custom bike shops were still an esoteric notion in most parts of the country. After scratching around for a year to build a custom bike I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own custom build shop.
The first job was to find a place and assemble a team. I must say somewhere the “bike gods” were smiling because a chance meeting led me to Suresh and his father who are old time Royal Enfield mechanics who have spent over 35 years working with Royal Enfield bikes. Father-Son duo worked mostly on repairing old Royal Enfield bikes. Thus started a collaboration that has today taken the shape of “KR Customs”. We needed equipment and more fabrication skills. After looking around for a while I decided to invest in a used lathe machine and a gas welder both relatively cheap. We also managed to get a pipe bender. Finally all the ingredients were in place to make our first custom bike! The first thing we fabricated was a frame jig!

Our first project was a bobber called “Indori” named after the city I grew up in northern India. The bike was based on Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500cc. The project was a great success from a personal point of view. I am attaching a picture just to show what we did! The project was a great learning experience. More than anything else it gave me the self-belief that I could build a custom bike. It was an immensely satisfying experience.”

Watch out this place for the custom Cafe Racer using a Royal Enfield Continental GT by KR Customs, stay tuned!


KR Customs
Call : 098 8405 9811
59 & 60 CP Ramasamy Road, Alwarpet,
Chennai, India 600018

Photo and Info : KR Customs.

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  1. I have bought a classic 350 recently.
    Just want to know is it possible the replace the current wheels with smaller size but with the same ratio with broader tyres.

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