IND Suzuki bobber by Dochaki Designs

So you have got that one old bike lurking at the back of the garage for years, still not willing to list your old chap on OLX or eBay, you probably want to ride it again, but there’s high possibility you end up of doing nothing actually! Wake up..restoring a old bike from a box of rusty parts is no less fun than unboxing a new bike! However rebuilding a bike is time consuming and not so easy sometimes, however, it is always appreciable when someone digs his old bike. We have today a old IND Suzuki 100 cc motorcycle which was restored and transformed into a bobber kind of …. by Dochaki Design of Pune.

IND Suzuki bobber by Dochaki Designs

Anupam Singh Parihar, founder and CEO of Dochaki Design shared few words for the new build – “Few days back we had finished one of our built. It’s a bobber based on original Japanese engine IND Suzuki. We have tried to give it a low riding posture with sloping down lines towards rear axle. Original rear shock absorbers are replaced by monoshock, with single seat and sleek tank. Stock air filter has been replaced by the external open air filter, and lot of other parts which we have built specifically for this bike. Engine has been tweaked to give that extra punch.”


Dochaki Designs
Founder/CEO : Anupam Singh Parihar
Kadam Wak Basti, Pune sholhapur highway
Pune, Mharashtra.
Call 08806795165
Email : | InstagramFacebook

Photo and Info : Dochaki Design

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