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So far the most important and difficult choice you face make before you start a Cafe Racer project is the selection of a donor bike. Keeping this in mind that a Cafe Racer should be motorcycle modified with the intent of reducing weigh and increasing performance and improving handling. Though in most cases we see regular street bikes as a base motorcycle, not very powerful or a lavish engine equipped with. We have today a Hero Honda CD110 Delux, a 110cc regular bike is decently converted into a eyecatching Cafe Racer by Ayas Custom Motorcycles in Pune.

Honda CD 110cc Cafe Racer ~ AYAS Custom Motorcycles

Builder’s Story

I am Amey more from Pune, a mechanical engineer with true passion of automobile, on the occasion of dassera we have started our own workshop under the name of Ayas Custom Motorcycles with two partners Sagar Patekar and Sushil Yebaji.

We have launched our first designed and fabricated Cafe Racer on a 110cc Hero Honda CD Delux with custom handmade fenders, leather work, brat styled seat, paint job and many other alternation.

Ayas Custom Motorcycle is a small motorcycle outfit based in Pune. Building custom motorcycles on an order basis is what we do.
Our goal is to not conform to “demand & supply”…we are happy building few bikes a year. It goes without saying that we will give those bikes everything we got. We set up this workshop cause it was damn good fun and we intend on keeping it in mind its not just about journey to complete its all about journey to enjoy. Ride free….!

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