Hind ki Rani, the Bullet that touches your soul

How far would you go to express yourself on you bike? Mrs Antje Möller told us about the love of his husband Macro, towards his modded Standard 500 Bullet. Thanking her we definitely can say it’s beyond anything! Take some time out to watch tout he personal touches you never probably seen before in so aggressive way! Hind ki Rani - Customized Bullet in Dubai The man behind the build macro from Dubai told to carbonoctane “To be honest, I didn’t really plan buying a bike back then, especially not restoring nor customizing one! This bike came into my life out of no where. I just saw her ailing in my former bosses’ front yard one day, and I wanted to have her, I wanted her real bad. I guess it was just like finding a starving puppy on the streets, taking it to your house with the intention of giving it a chance for a better life. So I took her home, and I’ve started working on her the very next day. She’s a ’94 Royal Enfield, Standard Bullet 500 made in India. I’ve been studying about Enfields’ on the net for many nights, and I’ve learned that I was owning a bike with a whole great history. I saw men worshiping their Enfields’ like I’ve never seen it before, so I simply had to treasure and keep it what it was… An Indian Legend!” You can read the complete story on carbonoctane.com.

 Thanking Mrs Antje Möller. Photo : carbonoctane.com


  1. Vijay k. Wali says:

    so far everything is so perfect!

  2. Nicole ROBERTS says:


  3. Martín Alejandro says:

    so amazing brash work.

  4. K Sharma (Delhi) says:

    everything seems so damn fucking perfect!

  5. md nawaz says:


  6. Rohan says:

    Want to buy it……where can i ?

  7. its look ossam A compile Royal Bullet DUG DUG DUG DUG DUG…………….

  8. tejash singh r. says:

    angel…..pretty like the girl you want to stare all day log.. 😉 😛

  9. Anuj Mahapatra says:

    fuck! she makes me horny 😀

  10. sai kumar tangellamudi says:

    I never see these type of modified bullet I really love it good making

  11. Tonmoy says:

    superrrrrr work…………..
    great looking bike


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