Highland Customs Motorcycles – Promising workshop from Chandigarh

The Highland Custom Motorcycles and Fabricators aka H-C is a brain child of not one man but it just happened, while riding, while working, while chatting and riding more.

The Chief Thinker of H-C Umang Shankar belongs to the well known Enfield Motorcycle Group called “Road Survivors”. One of the oldest motorcycle clubs in India and the most ridden bikes are housed in the hangars of RS.

RS has some crazy talents in their own right The moderator Jojo Khurana is one of the most know motorcyclist and tourer in India, Bikram Singh whom Umang Shankar calls him as his guru has oceans of knowledge in biking field.

With vast amount of miles under their belly and huge on ground and theoretical experience H-C was started to provide solutions to the riders that were never there.

Solutions that give average Indian rider a taste of international touring scene. And to contribute into the evolution in technology with which our rider have been kept away from some time now.

The H-C Garage started from showrooms of Harley-Davidson, when a friend of Umang came up to him whilst he was working with H-D India and saw the bikes parked over there, he was like I would love to own one some day, but I don’t think so I would muster up that amount of cash ever for a motorcycle.

All he had a badly done up Thunderbird and that’s how Project Uno Came up..now renamed Tee-BOB.

A friend suggested the name and another contributed in the logo. Highland cz Umang being from a village in himachal hills being a highlander working under the name was all the more special….and the Ibex cz it the most endangered and exclusive animal of Highlands.

The bike in perspective is the J-Racer.It was a discovery in itself as well, while Umang went to deliver a 1200 N Nightster to a customer who had just bought a Harley for himself, saw this one lying there. Two minutes discussions over it landed the deal and the product is in front of every one’s eyes.

The vision was clear making a high revving, light and nimble city bike that could surprise many with its performance .

The inspiration was the 1920 style Bonneville bikes with the triumphs being run on the old British style hard tails.

The bike has been restored to carry the same identity as Jawa but it should look like performance oriented.

The  Seat was handcrafted keeping in mind the light character and the seating is not the world most comfiest but facilitates the speed of the bike as the rider sits on in a crouch position, hence the linear motion of the bike points forwards.

The parts have been carefully chosen not be exclusive but from run of the mill market, to make the rider at ease on road if he ever has to replace the parts, remember the H-C was a solution provider not  dream sellers.

The pin stripping has been well taken care of as well, the white enamel pinstripe is the same as you get on Softail Heritage Classic as the paint and the brush is same. Pin stripping is a dying art some how the technology and the vinyls have taken over world because it is much easier to paste than paint. And Umang being a big proponent of pin stripping wanted the bike to have some of his hand drawn work.

The extended frame has been well complimented with the resprocketing of engine, redoing the engine with High Compression Piston rings, and the High Perf Air filter. However Jawa is already a fast bike dint needed to many things for it to make it quick says Umang.

The Creator of the bike and the eccentric motorcycle builder from Chandigarh gives all credit to his fabricator and mechanic chief at his humble workshop in sector 48 motor market.

And of course the Mc’s involved with it. Jawa Yezdi Club Chandigarh Road Survivors, Chandigarh.

With that and the promise of coming up with in hand solutions and evolution in technology Umang Shankar Signs off from Highland Custom garageChandigarh.

Building of Tee-BOB in their workshop


Displacement: 249 CC (15.19 cubic inches)
Engine type: Single cylinder, two-stroke
Power: 16.50 HP (12.0 kW)) @ 5000 RPM
Top speed: 115.0 km/h (71.5 mph)
Fuel control: Port control
Bore x stroke: 65.0 x 75.0 mm (2.6 x 3.0 inches)
Compression: 7.8:1
Cooling system:- Air
Gearbox: 4-speed
Transmission type, final drive: Chain
Front tyre dimensions: 110/80/16
Rear tyre dimensions: 110/80/16
Chassis : Old English Type Hard Tail, Single Seat with Spring Contraption

What say? You surely can give them a call right?

Contact them

Highland Customs Motorcycles and Fabrications
212, Sec 48, Chandigarh
Ph. No :- 9876491840

Please mention us (350CC.com) when you contact Highland Customs Motorcycles.

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25 thoughts on “Highland Customs Motorcycles – Promising workshop from Chandigarh

  1. Nice job..clean and classic! Keep it up guys! i’m going to your shop soon with my 1989’s standard bullet! I’D LOVE to see some custom work on my bike. cheers!

  2. hi, really appreciate HC motorcycle’s neat n clean design….no hazard look with unnecessary stuffs which may reduce RE’s performance! they did the best job! thumbs up..!!

    do they deliver these bikes all over India too?

  3. Hello im new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself, im a bike builder in florida and love it, lots of fun and lots of cool ass people to hang out with . Anyways thanks for allowing me to join the forum.

  4. Hi Umang,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Buddy its nice to hear that very soon we will see choppers on “Chandigarh” roads. I own 1973 Enfield Bullet which my father used to drive, i am interested in getting it custom design like “Fat boy”. Please suggest me how i can proceed with this.


  5. hello.first of all, i love your work and cheers guys.i have a request .i have re classic 350 and i want the pillion to be in flow of the design and more in line with the design and contours rather the standard seat which comes fitted with the model.Could you please help me in custom building such a seat.

  6. hi
    am trying ur phone no. but its not working am having a yezdi 250 and i want to modify it completely can u help me
    contact me if

  7. Neither your phone nor your shop address is right as I visited sector 48 market
    and the said shop sells spare part. Please put right information in this media and keep it updated. I came to discuss modification of a 500cc city bike. If interested, do inform….

  8. nice work man!!

    i have one classic 350 2013 model maroon color it has a small dent on its tank. I would like to know how much will it cost to remove the dent and do some painting work like The one that came in enfield Limited editio 2013. i have attached the link for the same below:


    Kindly let me know a rough estimate of how much it will cost.?

  9. Hello Sir.. I have 500cc model 2005 bullet
    I want some modifications in it.
    Wider tyre, patrol tank change ,mudguard Chang ,silencer etc
    Give suggestions

  10. Hello Sir.. I have 500cc bullet model 2005
    I want some modifications in it.
    Wider tyre, patrol tank change ,mudguard Chang ,silencer etc
    Give suggestions

  11. Hi sir , I own a bullet standard 500 cc and want some modifications on it. Wider tyres, mudguards change, tank design or graphics and seat, these are few modifications that I am interested in. Pls call me at 8427519999 or send your no.

    Capt Rajiv Bali

  12. Hay friend i am a colg student i have a honda cb shine electric start drum brake aloy edition 125cc
    Will you help me to build it as a CAFE RACER.
    I love to ride it in back home..
    And now i am in mohali, Sec 70.
    If you are interested in my project then contact me on 8708838798

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