Flying Angel – The vintage racer from R & G Custom

There are people who build bikes in generic way, and there are who build them in very unconventional way. R & G Custom is one of them who create their existence with a Mediterranean flavour make for one hell of a beautiful rides. Earlier we have some mainstream generic Cafe racers and off-stream Board Track Racer along with traditional and here most wanted bullet Choppers.


Flying Angel is one of the from the list of show stopper of 2013 had caught the attention in every show. Teh bike won the most Popular custom bike in Rider Mania 2013 and have the award from India Bike Week 2014 in their bucket lately.

However, knowing the fact you might want to bring your bike to them, we questioned them about some basic queries. Here they are. : Average cost of Custom job?
R & G Custom : Average cost of custom job depends upon the customers requirements we can build bike from 70k till 5 lacks :Do you work with only Royal Enfield engines?
R & G Custom : Yes : Do you provide a complete brand new custom (buy the bike then build it), or you only do the custom thing on the buyer’s given Bike?
R & G Custom : Depends upon the situation : Average Time to build?
R & G Custom : 3 months : Anything special about you guys which makes the difference from others?
R & G Custom : We are into custom bikes of different style and shape which will be one of its kind. We provide a one-stop shop to all your customization needs by clearly understanding what you expect from your bike, providing optimum solutions to your specific needs, working passionately towards creating that ultimate design that will delight you and make the onlookers go weak on their knees, and then working
with you on making that design a reality.

Ganesh Kotian work as captain on offshore oil drilling rig, has done his ITI as mechanic and worked with Mahindra and Mahindra Jeep division earlier and his partner is a experienced mechanic in RE also worked as mechanic abroad.You might knock them via the contact details provided below :

Ganesh Kotian
Contact Persons

Raju: +91-9867502352
Ganesh: +91-9820460047
International: +62-82150529614
R & G Custom Bikes, Kanderpada, Dahisar, Mumbai, India

Image Courtesy : R & G Custom

Please mention us ( when you contact R & G Custom.

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10 thoughts on “Flying Angel – The vintage racer from R & G Custom

  1. this is what i call over-modded bike…its true that from the photo we understand teh builder did a lot of affort..spent lot time n money on the bike…but at the end he did something big….BUT not the best

  2. i saw they did a cafe racer earleir, which is a true replica of vintage Triton racers, they eve did something like board track..i dont understan why they did something very off-stream..this is non-generic bike and i prefer bikes to maintain genre.

  3. @ritesh ahmed…we thought doing some new and technical we did double wheel. puting a fat tyre in the rear thats what everyone do, its very common now. the way the bike looks it also technically very well qualified. it has dual disc brake too in the rear and a button gear shifter..bcoz of its different technical features this bike has won the 1st prize in IBW 14 too in mod bike competition among 35 other mod bike..double wheel is obsuletly too good for balancing..

  4. It is kind of disheartening to read the comments. As a mechanical engineer I understand how difficult it would have been to accommodate two tires in the rear. Add to that a button gear shifter. This bike is technically very superior.

    Also I like the detailing that has been done on the bike. The skeleton hands holding the side mirror looks awesome.

    If i ever make a chopper, I will surely try to venture in this territory. However I can only imagine the money that you would have invested in building such a bike. That is the only deterrent for me.

    PS: The mechanic does look very experienced. All the best for your future projects

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