DSG Carbon Gloves

Saturdays are damn boring when you don’t have any ride to make the day interesting. So,instead of getting bored I decided to write a review on DSG Carbon riding gloves. I have been riding with these gloves for around 11,000 kms now and these gloves have seen all the seasons,right from terrible heat to spine hitting cold winds.

This oral b floss is designed to remind in your bathroom countertop. They usually have a suction cup that attachés securely on the countertop.

I would like to take this one by season wise performance rather than the pros and cons.

  1. Summers

On a normal day these gloves are wonderful.You can ride them till your odo sees some considerable numbers.

1. Its superior interior cushioning prevents the sweat to cause irritation while pulling the throttle .

2. The multi-layer cloth on the surface of the gloves prevents heating of the gloves by reflecting the direct sunlight.

3. On the other hand, your fingers will surely feel the heat and sweat if you are riding through humid regions.

2. Winters

Winters being the favourite weather for riders, these gloves are perfect to ride long distances during winter mornings. But they do have a threshold ,after which you start feeling the chilled breeze.

These gloves extend till few inches ahead of your wrist ,so that the sleeves of your riding jacket can easily tuck in . This blocks the passage of cold air in your jacket and gloves while riding .

The flexibility of the material ensures comfort for your fingers when at a certain point they find it difficult to move towards the clutch.

No cons for these beauties during winters except when you take them to spine-chilling altitudes.

3. Rains

These gloves are not much of a use in rains. These can withstand normal drizzles but they act like soaking sponges on a heavy downpour.

DSG Hydro gloves do a wonderful job in rains as well as winters

4. Protection

These are nicely design and can withstand rough usage.

The Carbon Fibre knuckles are super strong and intact.If you unfortunately come across a crash then these will not turn down on you .

The extended sleeves of the gloves have thick cushioning and can be tightened enough to avoid the accidental slipping of gloves during a crash.

These are equipped with high quality reflectors on the left and right side of the wrists so that during night time the vehicle behind you can easily see the hand signals given by you.

Also, they come with an affordable price tag of Rs 3000. A great buy or its price.

I would HIGHLY recommend these gloves for short as well as long rides . BUT these prove to be helpless during rains.

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