Custom Royal Enfield Classic 500 (battle green) by Puranam Designs

In spite of the law and regulation over restriction of using the battle green shade for civilians, which Royal Enfield neither don’t sell in Indian market, the paint scheme has always a huge fan following regardless the unavailability – the Classic Battle Green comes with a paint scheme reminiscent of the war era, a time when Royal Enfield motorcycles proved their capabilities and battle worthiness by impeccable service to soldiers – we always been fond of the shade! And yes yo can see them on roads in a number – Thanks to our custom bike builders and that too legally with a minor alternation  in paint shade and little head on with RTO department formalities. Like the one we have today to share, a Classic 500 with graceful paint scheme and having other alternation to offer you better comfort during cruising the highways – the bike is built by Puranam Designs, who did all fair justice with their previous modifications.

P Santosh Kumar, the key person from the workshop shared few details on the bike – “We loved the military green color on the exports model of the classic. Fully aware of the restrictions, we thought of playing with the color. There were two elements on the whole appeal – A unique design and a great paint job. On the design we worked on all aspects from wheels to lights. The pictures explain it better. The paint job as we wanted to keep that military shade so we added green sparkle and gloss. To give a contrast we blackened the whole engine and frame with some chrome/buffed aluminum touch. The result was a more refined 500cc with a customised design and a great unique paint job.”

Modifications – Handle bar, bigger petrol tank, rear and front fenders, Rear and front rubber completed on 15 inch spoke wheel rim with 130 size tyres. And extended swing arm with a custom rear fender, tail light and big twin headlight. Split seats with a removable pillion seat in tan. A high gloss military green paint job with a distinctive green sparkle.

Price – Custom prices start from – Rs 200,000/- based on design and specifications


Puranam Design
P Santosh Kumar – 08790176059
Rupanand Pradhan – 09999619004
Official Website | Facebook Page
Email :
Panchsheel, Malviya Nagar,
New Delhi, India

However they are operational from both Delhi and Vizag as well.

Photo and Info : Puranam Designs

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  1. Interesting is that I was looking to get customize my Royal Enfield 350 and found this in search.. can you please help me to know what could be the approx cost to get byke customize.

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