Custom Royal Enfield Bobber is up for sale

If we combine all the individual talents of bike building together what will be the output? I was wondering ! Working almost out of a modest workshop, packed with parts spilling out on to the street shops/garage, these guys turned out one of the nice looking Royal Enfield Bobber.


We are thankful to Mr. Syed Arbaaz, the guy from Bangalore, who communicated with us weeks before and showed off his new built.  The Thriumph stamped orange beauty you see in photos, is nothing but a converted Royal Enfield Electra! Talking on this bike, Arbaaz told to, ” ..the bikes luks low also we’ve worked on making it more powerful. Fuel tanks, custom made handle, mudguard, round box everything were hand made to the finiest quality.  The same paint that is used in a Lamborghini car has been used on my tanks its a twin shaded colour.


The back light has got an artistic engraved design, engine cases all powder coated trice so that it gives u life, chrome used is called hard crome that is the finest availabel in the market now yet to give you a rust free bike an more life.  All i can say is I believe in quality, and there is no sort off stickering used on the bike even the black an silver stripes on top is hand striped with paint and also the triumph logo an the number 11 on the round box was done with paint ” He convinced us much.


He has his own group who do all those paintings, drill works and whatever requires to renovate a motorcycle, with his instructions. He ended with something I really liked. “Our motto is to bring bobber trend in India using available resources we have here in two wheeler segment


If you were Googling for a bike modifier nearby B’lore city, you may hit him once! Also this bobber is up for sale and you may give a call to Mr. Syed Arbaaz. Cost of modification varies with the needs, might be up to 2 lakhs and you’ll get your converted bike delivered within 2 months.


Syed Arbaaz :09916737550

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9 thoughts on “Custom Royal Enfield Bobber is up for sale

  1. This a straight up copy of the Rajputana Customs ‘8 Ball’…………. a gud attempt at it though………. but dont understand why he has to use the Triumph name…….. leave it as RE or dont put anything there…………. why mislead…………

    1. I agree as soon as I saw triumph I checked the headline again to see if this was for RE or triumph, there was no need to put triumph if its not triumph.

      1. This a straight up copy of the Rajputana Customs ‘8 Ball’ . a gud atemtpt at it though . but dont understand why he has to use the Triumph name .. leave it as RE or dont put anything there . why mislead

  2. yes….too much of copied stuffs…..frm the color scheme to the tail light…but apart from that …individually it’s a good work..

    1. i don’t get it! what makes you say that each and every bobber looks the same?? what sense does that make? moreover, there is a difference between getting inspired and copying as is! This cannot be even called a ‘creation’, it’s poor man’s xerox copy of RCM’s 8-ball! I can understand if it was made on order and the client wanted to copy 8 ball- that is still agreeable, though not perfectly ethical!
      But i do appreciate their technical skills – after all it’s a pretty decent copy.

  3. Really this guy is selling his so called triumph for 2 lacs….well the actual 8 ball was up for sale for 2 and half…..It atleast looks like a bobber…and where on earth did he find paint used for LAMBORGHINI’s

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