Custom Harley Davidson Street 750 Cafe Racer by Jedi Customs

Normally when you talk about customizing a Harley, it’s somewhat restricted to adding a few chrome parts or installing big fat exhaust. But the today’s world of custom motorcycle builders are turning bikes into absolute works of art and you’d be hard pressed to identify which bike they had started out with. Like, take an example of this Harley Davidson Cafe Racer,  you would be amazed to see this mighty courageous conversion ~ the 750cc Harley Davidson Street is modified by Jedi Customs, a renowned bike building workshop from the city Mumbai.

Adwait Samant, the key person of Jedi Customs shared few details on this candid Cafe Racer, “This particular build is a based on a HD street 750. We got a call one day from a 18 year old guy from Kolhapur and next thing we had was a brand new bike straight from the showroom. We had our task cut out as this was our first HD. Sarthak Jadhav (the owner ) though had immense faith in us and we did not disappoint.
It is a typical cafe racer with a scooped tank and clip on handlebars. Pure leather seat and round headlamp complete the classic look. Inverted forks in the front and yellow piaolli shocks in the rear give it a good aesthetic appeal which maintaining its practical purpose. We did not fiddle much with the chassis and worked out way around the original one. ”


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