Custom Bajaj Pulsar Tracker by Gear Gear Motorcycles

If you’re someone who loves your boots a bit dusty at the weekends fun, or want to cruise the streets on a machine that gives you power, sporty style, its the right time you get yourself into rich history of the Tracker motorcycles. It’s a style whose influence is far reaching, born in the golden years of motocross – one that appreciates speed and lightweight maneuverability. The Flat Tracking scene was huge during the late 60’s and 70’s and Dirt Track motorcycles were in popular demand, and the demand continues to hit the modern bike enthusiasts in a glorious efflux. The new addition is the one from Gear Gear Motorcycles of Bangalore, stripped down a 2001 Bajaj Pulsar into a emphatic dirt Tracker.

Talking about the build, they shared with “Built for a dear friend, from a 2001 Bajaj Pulsar. We just wanted it to be as light and flickable as possible for the city, but in a comfortable seating. We were also particular about giving the bike as much of the right lines and stance as possible. It resulted in a flickable, low riding, straight-up sitting tracker that’s perfect for a traffic-blocked city like Bangalore.

Both the front and rear wheel was re-hubbed, and fit with wider rims, swing arm changed, chassis modded, all electricals and lights changed to LEDs, New filter, exhaust, and a tune up. Handstiched leather seats and grips, and the bike was ready to ride smooth and easy.”


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