Classic 350cc Café Racer from Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs

This café racer build isn’t just about customizing motorcycle. Its about bring the traditional old cafe back to life but with a nostalgic nod to the past. I’ve always been a huge fan of minimal and clean cafe racers with brat-style seat, embodies the style, energy, and emotion of the bike as well as the rider. We have one such clean stripped Royal Enfield Cafe Racer in our bucket form, well you all have heard of before – Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs, located in Ropar, Punjab.

Over to them on beghobaan, they named the build “This is an Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc turned into an cafe racer. The idea while making this build was to keep it as minimalistic as possible. With only a few minor changes done to this bike. The seat has been changed along with the front face assembly. Exhaust bend has been wrapped. With marginal loss in gross weight of the bike the engine performs a lot better.”

To get in touch with Bambukaat workshop you may Contact Rohit Bansal +91-9646800442. Visit their Facebook link for regular updates.

Photo : Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs

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8 thoughts on “Classic 350cc Café Racer from Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs

  1. mixed up of bullet and cafe racer..this could be a better cafe racer..well..before useing the term “cafe racer”..the bike has got nothing what a cafe racer should have…apaer from that kinda seat and handlebar (somewhat)…anyway i like that titanium exhaust wrapper and will be thankful if you share the price of that only.

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