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Motorcycle modification is a never-ending drug for bike enthusiasts, and that’s fun, there are countless ways to increase performance from the bike as well as to fine-tune its aesthetics. One of the real pleasure of owning a motorcycle is that you have freedom to modify it to your own specifications. After all, you don’t ride a mean machine because you’re interested in blending in with the crowd. So bikers keep playing the never ending game since ages and thanks to them, we get to see some real extra ordinary modifications in times. Today we have in our bucket, one of the nicest built we have witnessed the year is from Ahmedabad based Raven Custom Motorcycles, a modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc  ~ RAVEN01… a very first build by the team!!!

Modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird Choper 350 Headlight fronf

About Raven Custom Motorcycles

“We are a start up based out of Ahmedabad both qualified and skilled in making the best designs and builds for you with attention to intricate details.we have just completed our first builds RAVEN 01 and have received overwhelming response for the same. Our work fuels our passion. Its more that just jobs for us. Rest assured your build will be unique and special in every way possible.

We distinguish ourselves with the process which we follow during the design phase. This involves us not only understanding clients needs but also understanding client as a person and coming up with suggestions involving your taste. After which we will present you ideation sketches and renders which will help you visualize the bike better. After ideation we will start the build process.

Modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 ~ Raven Custom Motorcycles

We decided to customize a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 into a cruiser inspired by a German dragster. we purchased second hand Royal Enfield 350cc Thunderbird 2012 model. our aim was to make it as light as possible and keep the weight close to the stock bike and improve the seating position making it more comfortable for long rides.
Here is a glimpse of what went into the making of our first bike:
A 200 mm width rear broad tire with single side support swing arm, front & rear disk brakes, increased rack angle, length and low seating position, 14 gauge custom spring loaded hydraulic mono suspension, dragster style handle bar. For many parts we had to make cad models for parts in solid works (CAD) software. we then got them CNC milled. K&N air filter to boost engine performance. we designed the final transmission belt drive, triple tree, forward gear & brake controls system. we got most of bike parts milled out of aluminum aircraft grade quality 7050-T7451 material for maximum strength. Later we got them black hard anodized.

We had started to make rough sketches on paper that helped us visualize the bike better on paper with the help of sketching. we made thermocol mockups of parts before fabricating them. Most of the work had to be done by hand as there were not many equipments. Wahid chacha used only hammer & dollies to craft all body parts from the CRS sheet metal. Everything from fuel tank, rear & front fender, side & air filter cover, head light was hand built. Almost 80% parts were manufactured in house. After all that hard work and toil for months the bike was ready to head to the paint shop. we made 3D model of our bike with paint that shown me perfect pre view of my bike . then We decided to used black hard anodizing , powder coating, matte & gloss combination finishing black with red stripe paint. After completing all paint job, we reassembled all the parts & the bike came to life with a music- dhag dhag dhag… this will resound in my ears for rest of my life. We give “RAVEN01” name to our built as it first motorcycle of our “Raven Custom Motorcycles”.


Ajay Kandre (Btech, Mech)
Ph: 0951 027 5464
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Deepak P (Mdes, Automobile design, NID ahmedabad) ,
Ph: 0962 055 2350
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