Charcoal ~ Candid Royal Enfield Electra Chopper by Ornithopter Moto

Motorcycling is a pastime full of variation, and there are various kind of personality among riders, choice, body measurement and of course poses different comfort level. Either way a true motorcyclist always tends to alter the ride towards your comfort zone prospecting the character they are. If you are a rider who prefers a relaxed rides and no no to knee dragging kinda fun, Royal Enfield could probably the best call, mostly falls under cruiser segment – bikes that have engines with a high torque output and comfort-oriented ergonomics, so that you could use it either for your daily commute, to cruise on the highway or even to tour the length and breadth of the country. An additional customization could be a great outturn over the stock bullets.  Here we have today a perfect modification over a Royal Enfield Electra 350cc towards a expedite chopper cruiser, the bike is build by Ornithopter Moto Design, who delivered some significant promising custom bikes in past years.

Having a very charming and comfortable cruiser look, the bike is equipped with 200/55 R17 rear and R17 front tyre wit both end disk brakes. The extended handlebar is a bliss to ride comfortably as well as adds the big chopper look, lowring the seat enhance durability and the larger tank abide the bike for longer run. All the Chassis, panels, fuel tanks, mudguards are designed and built in house of Ornithopter Moto Design.

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Amol khond,
Ornithopter Moto Design,
Nasik, Maharashtra
Call # 09096622535

Photography Courtesy : Ornithopter Moto Design

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