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One of the biggest concerns of riding Royal Enfield motorcycles in a higher speed is the bitter intense vibration, which sometimes mess up the fun of ride in a longer run. Royal Enfield use an legacy engine design that use a large single cylinder, use an outmoded bike design where the engine is a stressed member of the frame, the engine is installed on the frame (except Continental GT) and forms an integral structural component of the bike – and when they deliver all of their power in a rhythmic cycle that results in the vibration. It’s always been a headache of Royal Enfield riders who love to go on higher speed, the vibration is notable when you cross 80kmph! So, we were very curious to see the newly lunch product form Carberry Motorcycle, who offers this unique Carberry Vibration Reduction Plate, can be use wit Royal Enfield 500cc and 350cc UCE engines . Carberry  has built their very own house made  1000cc Carberry V-twin motorcycles and stand-alone engines. Paul Carberry from Australia who are now in the process of resurrecting the famous Carberry Motorcycle in India, who had discontinued production in Australia in 2011.

Here we have a review right from a user, Yogesh Deshmukh who himself is a traveler and associated with Royal Enfield group, who installed this product on his 500cc engine.

“Hello everyone! I am extremely sorry for the inordinate delay in posting the review of the Carberry vibration reduction plate gentlemen!

The idling vibrations have decreased though not fully eliminated. Prerequisites of installation. The timing wheels have to adjusted prior to fitting of the plate for optimum results. The dowels (locating pins) of the earlier plate have to be removed. The bearing has to be fitted before the plate and it’s base has to match with the surface of the other holes of the plate.

The overall vibrations haven’t been eliminated totally but are now under bearable levels. The vibrations don’t show any noticeable reduction until 70 kmph. However, after 70 kmph, the vibrations reduce drastically. The overall smoothness of the engine has increased and the humming sound emanating from the engine has stopped.

So if you are a rider who frequently rides 50+ kms daily or a rider who does serious long distance riding, this plate will be helpful to your Bull.

One more important thing to note is that this plate will only reduce vibrations caused by the rotations of the crank and timing wheels. There may be other reasons behind the vibrations like front wheel being non-aligned or nuts and bolts being loose (Engine is a part of the chassis in all Bulls except the Continental GT).

The plate needs to be reviewed on a 350 CC Bull too as it may display different results. I tried it on my STD 500.
Thank you!”

You can buy the products online from Carberry Motorcycle’s official website.


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*Reviewer :  Yogesh Deshmukh , thanks to him for sharing in details.

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  1. vibration reduction plate is available in Bangalore auto mobiles its perfectly works for electra ewinspark uce engine

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