BOBMC Rider Mania ~ 2015 | Chandigarh | #dohajaarpandrah

There. I said it. I admit it. And I’m not talking just laziness in my assiduity. No, I’m all kinds of lazy. A super lazy butt you may name it!! It’s the year end and I’m now typing for a motorcycle ride which I did in January! Better late than never…I wanted to share the journey ~ RM 2015. BOBMC Rider Mania (RM) is an event hosted by Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium (BOBMC) member clubs in India every year. It is the annual gathering of Indian Royal Enfield motorcycle owners.The event was initiated in 2003 to commemorate the spirit of motorcycling. Riders and biking clubs across the country gather for the two day fest. [Wiki]

One Classic 350, Thunderbird 350 and a 500cc new Thunderbird were our Rides, I was riding with my club Eastern Bulls! Me, Anirban,and Jaiswal had an startling roadtrip from Kolkata to Chandigarh and post-RM to Wagah border covering the Golden temple in Amritsar and then returning home with a flash visit of Tajmahal, Lalkella in 10 days covering about 4800 Kilometers! Traveling with the right partners has as much to do with safety as with enjoyment and surprisingly we had an excellent riding experience even this was our first ride together. We departed in the last day as I, had no other option left than joining the work by 30th of the night, so rushed the last day Allahabad to my Office in Kolkata….(another reason why I’m not a very happy employee in the conventional system :P)!!

Started on 20th January, we finally managed to survived in dense fog, heavy rainfall and Intense cold weather, and landed at the venue, Kikar lodge, which was about 70KM from the city Chandigarh station, Road survivors was the event host this time.

I ain’t a story teller otherwise I would have told you about all the nice guys we met throughout our trip, the guy who offered us some wine as it was super cold in Delhi and we were looking not very clean and sharp in road trip day 3, however we obligingly denied to avoid mixing bike with bottles, or I would have said about the guys in Jalandhar who helped us fixing our bikes or Riding jacket and declined money with a big smile! Punjab is famous for its sumptuous food, stunning landscapes, laid-back atmosphere and turquoise greenery, surprisingly this time the Punjabies indeed won our hearts than the celestial Punjab! I ain’t a story teller therefore I share few clicks throughout the trip which might express our journey….

[[Draft Copy]]

[To be continued….]

Gearing up with team for 2016 and Nagpur it is……





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