Bobber Royal Enfield by Lone Wolf Bespoke Motorcycles

Bobber is one of the type of bike I like. I love the simple, clean and industrial feel of it. And bobbers are fairly decent to create from stock motorcycles and are generally hand built. We, fortunately, had witnessed some great Indian Bobber bikes here at house, mostly using Royal Enfields by some reputed bike builders as well as some fresh amateurs! Significantly, the tradition is being very specific of building a generic bike like Bobber, Cafe Racers, Scramblers etc in past years, which definately a good sign for Motorcycle enthusiast. The latest one from Lone Wolf Bespoke Motorcycles from Kerala is another great example of Indian bike sense!

“My name is farhan Mohammed TK, and I’m from Calicut, This is a custom bobber my brother ,Fahim Rehman TK built which is based on Royal Enfield Thunderbird. He runs a small garage called Lonewolf Bespoke Motorcyles. He is a electronics engineer by degree, but loves working with motorcycles ,and spent most of his time working in his garage.
Here is a video that we made to convince our parents, who were asking him to find a “proper job” –


Lone wolf bespoke motorcycles.
Fahim Rehman T.K ( founder and owner)
Calicut, Kerala , India
PH: +91 9995 085 085

Photo Courtesy : Lone wolf bespoke motorcycles

Note : Please mention us ( when you contact Lone wolf bespoke motorcycles.

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5 thoughts on “Bobber Royal Enfield by Lone Wolf Bespoke Motorcycles

  1. Photos should be in color instead of black/white since this is not a Photography object, detailed paint should be visible. Clean build and good hardware though 🙂 Cheers.

  2. Not the top of my list, but god damn I love this. It’s a clean look with the low seat cowl and simple look. I would do the colors differently, but that’s just me.

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