Beautifully Built The Black Stallion By Pathan Customs Motorcycle, Lucknow

They say the dishes my by the Lucknow Nawabi cooks are timeless in taste. The flavours have withstood the test of time and the changing tastes of people. The Kebabs and fruits of Lucknow can leave you craving for more. f there is one city that has carefully deviated its conduct from recent modern developments, it is the traditional abode of Lucknow, which is still a crowd puller in the largest state of India – Uttar Pradesh. Still recanting in the rich history and grand culture from its earliest days of tracing, Lucknow has managed to retain a special flavor common to the erstwhile rulers of bygone eras.

While searching more and more Indian Custom Motorcycle units in every town, we have found another pretty impressive group in Lucknow, Pathan Customs Motorcycle, not totally into Professional, but they would love to build your dream bike. Back there in Lucknow, It’s a little surprising to see the overwhelming response to their build, The Black Stallion.  The paint job reminds all the heritage beauty of the city. “People usually stop me and ask me about this bike…” Says Naved Khan, the lead guy of among the 6’s team of Pathan Custom Motorcycle.

Beautiful The Black Stallion By Pathan Customs Motorcycle, Lucknow

I’m not at all professional when it comes to customizing bikes. It’s my passion; I have grown up modifying my Cycles as a kid n I had always dreamt of designing a bike. So, for people who are passionate about such customization, my work station is always open!

Average Cost ranges anywhere between (50k -2 lacs) depending on the wants of the customer, fair enough budget. He says “We usually customize Royal Enfield. All we need is an Engine n Chassis rest of the customization is cost- dependent, want of the customer and ethical designing…”

Beautiful The Black Stallion By Pathan Customs Motorcycle, Lucknow

Also if you wan’t a all new bike to Modify, there’s a good option they provide,

Yes we buy the bikes and build it & sale it but we prefer to do the custom things on the buyer’s given..

The 6 guys group take 3 to 6 months to build the bike. So the city of the mouth-watering curries of heavily mashed masala and finger-licking menus, if you wish your motorcycle to get the extra attention, if you love to have a custom made bike, you can surely knock the guy Naved.

Call Naved Khan :


Or you can Mail to :

Beautiful The Black Stallion By Pathan Customs Motorcycle, Lucknow

You may contacty the builder to purchase the bike.
Photo courtesy: Pathan Customs Motorcycle.

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25 thoughts on “Beautifully Built The Black Stallion By Pathan Customs Motorcycle, Lucknow

  1. It’s good to see more people doing these custom work in India. But this Pathan Customs is totally trying to copy Rajputana Customs…sad.

  2. Awesome awesome awesome….love d matted look.the name again adds to d thump of ROYAL ENFIELD.
    @Rakshit ,I have seen Rajputana bikes.But I definitely can’t pay 6 lakhs for a custom bike.on d odr hand,as claimed in d article,this bike can be made in around 50 – 2 lakhs bucks…still affordable.
    Pathan Customs hai kahan ki?

  3. dude how can you say this guy is copying someone? All bike builders in India have taken inspiration from American Chopper Bike Builders, so does that mean every person modding bikes is copying? Inspiration is not copying, everything in the world is inspired from something, that does not mean everything is copied.
    Building chopped bikes is an american tradition, so are all Indian motorcycle builders copying americans? Inspiration is the essence that keeps the world evolving!!

  4. couldn’t agree much with Rakshit. which RCM bike you are indicating dude? looks like you are saying the paint job is similer to RCM’s aghori, but how can you compare both bikes on the basic of the paint job only? both bike are completely belong into different category…

  5. Pathan Customs,u people are really doing an outstanding work.Gud wishes to the team,Insha-Allah ul capture the market.And dear Rakshit,its not copying,its creativity…………

  6. an awesum work of automobile customization…mind boggling work brother..may u reach greater zeniths in life and get thousands of appreciations for this perfect piece of work…keep going…m looking forward to many such more customized bikes of urs…

  7. Dear pathan customs,
    May I know how much price it is for?
    Its model no.?

    Also I want to tell u dat I am a Student from Delhi,N have RE classic.Can this bike be customised?My budget is not more than 70,000.
    I am a student,kindly comply with my limitaions.
    Kindly Mail me at

  8. Its a nice effort.Though the photographs could be more better,I believe its an initial job and there will definitely be improvements.
    Its is innovative.Undoubtedly.And I like the name Black Stallion.

  9. Since chilhood U had a habit of doing some strange things with all your vehicles.. You always had a unique Bicycle….. I remember that front end twisted one … u call it the racing bike I guess…. All ur modifications were awesome and attracted many…. ur nack of doing something new and innovative had lead u to Rediscover a new stallion or more precisiously a new age Stallion….. Keep improving…. Keep growing .. U make me proud everytime…………… And Yup ….Best of Luck 4 your future projects……… CHAO.

  10. Thank you soo much for all your love and appreciations…. Seriously you people have touched my heart… your comments have injected soo much energy and confidence in me… Insha Allah will come with more projects soon… Regards. n Dua ki Darkhwast.

  11. Spotted this byk 2 days back near rovers…. tried to chase it but there was too much chaos on the street im damn interested in this bike will catch you really soon…. regards Sahil…!!!

  12. Hi nVed bro im osama amir sidzz bro u come our home at lucknow with black stalion do u remember me and u come nxt time in car waganor u should rmmbr me amir sid bro ko jaante hi hao

  13. Sir I have a Yamaha r15 or mujhe use modified karana hai or mere pas kuch pic hai modified r15 ke same usi tarah modified karana hai specialty colour to ap mujhe bata skate hai Ki buget Kitna hoga or aap kar sakte ho Ki ni plz mail me thanku

  14. Hello.. Im a resident of lucknow….i have an Avenger street 220…almost one year old…would like to modify it to look like a harley street 750…mainly work on the headlights and the seat… And also get a new exhaust with a thumpy exhaust note…any suggestions? Please leave a message on my email. Thanks.

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