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A fast growing metropolis, the garden city of Bangalore is the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Situated at about 1000 meters above sea level, it is known for its salubrious climate where temperatures remain moderate through out the year.

Bangalore has many imposing structures full of historic and modern architecture. The majestic Vidhana Soudha, a magnificent post-independence structure housing the State legislature and Secretariat, stands in the center of the city with its attractive dome and galleries. It is sheer delight to see the illuminated Soudha during nights on Sundays and Holidays.

And if you are looking for a Custom Motorcycle workshop in the clean and spacious city Bangalore, if you want a Custom Royal Enfield built to your specifications or any modifications done on your existing Royal Enfield, Bulleteer Customs, a Bangalore based customizers may help you. The custom package starts with a tiny budget of 69k, they stated earlier in a blog. The custom job can be done as per your requirement too. So if you are planning to give your Bike the new chopper look, you should call them once. Over to them :

We all have dreams, dreams of the bike we want, dreams of being envied and stared at when we ride our new bikes,  We finally get the bike of our dreams and its one of the NEWEST BIKES in the market….sooner or later the stares reduce and you see a lot ofbikes just like yours, sometimes you cant even identify your own BIKE in a parking lot after a movie, perhaps.

A Bulleteer Customs is the only one of its kind in the UNIVERSE, you will never be ignored in your life when you are on one of them. Our vision is to build bikes for real people..people who don’t like conformity, people who always like to be a CUT ABOVE THE REST, People who like to have the best bike around for as long as they are around.

Yes there is a waiting period for any of our bikes but what you get is EXCLUSIVITY, loads of ATTITUDE ,a lifetime of ADMIRATION, STRONG BUILD QUALITY and of course your very own personalized DREAM COME TRUE.

Contact : +91-9972862139/ 09738075289


Please mention us ( when you contact Bulleteer Customs.


  1. ravi prasad says:

    bangalore has more custom workshop….

  2. Suhas says:

    I do not trust you

  3. vinayak says:

    can u give me the quotation of the shadow please send it to my mail id

  4. Dennis says:

    Bulleteer Customs the best bikes come from here…………. i have seen all the bikes and each bike just keeps getting better and better …………… Ricky hats off to you bro kill it …………… hope to see more bikes soon ……………

  5. akhil says:

    may i know the price of bullet customised as shadow..?

  6. Sandeep singh kainth says:

    I have bullet nd i want to convert in mustang could u tell th e modification price . I will wait for ur rply. Thanx

  7. sibi says:

    Hi I need the full details of bullet shadow which u mentioned as a video here.prize.about the mileage.full detail images .and videos ok as soon as possible.ok

  8. supriyo says:

    the shadow that u created is excellent. could u send me the price on my mail n how much time will it take to built this bike

  9. supriyo says:

    execellent custom made

  10. amit kumar says:

    will you please send me the quote for bullet carbon. Thanks

  11. kevin says:

    how do i contact u guys???????????

  12. vilas says:

    i like photo plz give me quotation and phot on my email id

  13. rohit pallan says:

    Can you please tell me the cost involved to build shadow and send me the details ,cost with quotation and time required to build this bike.

  14. Ravi says:

    Hi guys, I liked the first image (black) how much do u cost to modify like this, I am planning to buy new thunderbird. Pls I would like to have ur contact details.

  15. SYED says:

    Hi there!
    will you please send me the quote for bullet carbon. Thanks


  16. kailash says:

    dear sir,
    i like the modification of bulllet 350cc into Bulleteer-Customs-Carbon-Modified
    look like bajaj pusar. i am from odisha and want to know the price of modification with accessories. i have the bullet 350 cc electra.

    so send me the quotation in my mail id please.


  17. Hi,

    Can you please let me know the address of your Building…i will be hitting Bangalore next weekend..thought i could come over and having a talk…I have plans to get my bike(RE Thunderbird 350) customized into a chopper..

    Thanks & Regards

  18. Kiran says:


    I want modification of carbon in bullet 350…..

    Plzzz snd me the price how much I will cost

    Bcos I want to gift my bro tis dec.

    So plaza snd it as soon as posbl.

  19. karthick says:

    send me the quotation for carbon.. how much it cost .. i wan it as soon as possible . pls mail me .. or call me at 09501008814/0

  20. Karthikeyan says:


    I like your work Custom 07 if i want to make same how much cost? (I provide Used RE).
    You can write to me when I comes in India I will call you.

    my Contact 00971503807238

  21. deepak says:

    Sir pls mail The carbon potos and price pls as soon as possible wat type of accessories u ave used in tat pls send to my mail wit its rate after ur reply i ll be at there pls reply or call me 9543761176

  22. richard says:

    hii m richard i like buy the carbon bike on cash will please let the price for this and where will get the bike my contact numberv 9930717528 m from mumbai

  23. Shiraz Pall says:

    Hi All,

    I own a Standard 350 2007 model (right side gear shift) and I’d like to customize it. I’d appreciate if anyone could share some addresses/ contact in Bangalore.

    Thanks in advance!

  24. Farhas says:

    Please can you send me the price to modify my bullet to carbon….

  25. selva sujith says:

    hello sir can you tell me the price of third picture bike i need to buy that…my contact no+97433418947

  26. Devendra Maheshwari says:

    pls mail me the quotation of the carbon which is shown on this page right 1st one. or call me on 9923152257

  27. Pankaj says:

    Hi All,

    Bulleteer Custom can be contacted through any of the following details :

    mail :

    Facebook page :


  28. Hendry Singh says:

    Hi sir,
    My name is Hendry, i am from New Delhi. I have Thunderbird 2010 model and i want it to be modified in your Carbon model. Please send me the details or contact number for further verifications.

    Thanks and regards
    Hendry Singh
    PH: 9716634456

  29. Dikshit jain says:

    Hi i am Dikshit , and i hav the latest thunderbird 2013 model 350cc and i want to get modified same as the shadow . Can you tell me can it happen as same as it is ?

  30. JAGJIT SINGH says:

    i am from ludhiana. i want to buy bullet carbon. please contact me.
    9464276276. please

  31. khem says:

    i am from Agra i want to buy carbon bullet
    Please send me price the price.
    my contact no.9997013087

  32. sachin says:

    hai brother,, i hav a thunderbird 350,, 2011 model, wana modify it to luk like a harley roadster iron883, im from tamilnadu.. plz send me more details on your customization process and the estimate to my id,,… or contact 9003131595… thanks

  33. Abhishek Kumar says:

    Hi i have my thinderbird 350cc 2002 i want to modify this in to chopper.

    Here is my contact number 8088655461 i want immeaditely so plz contact ….

  34. deependra says:

    hey i want to enquire the that what it will to cist me to customize my thunderbird into that black carbon(modified thundrbird) one.??

  35. Gopan Thampi says:

    Can I know the price of Carbon


  36. Kishor says:


    All bikes are designed to the every small details. But I have observed one engg detail which can cause damage to the bike. The front alloy wheel spokes are in compression instead of tension (the wheel is to be flipped to get spokes in right direction). Im sure since these will be imported wheels made for some other bikes, it would have been challenging to fix them on custom forks. But in case of a rough ride and hard breaking, those wheels will be the first to cause damage.

  37. Diggi says:

    send me the quotation for carbon. Also your requirement means which bullet you want (classic 350 or thunderbird 350)
    how much it cost for modification.
    Pl Mail me the details ans code for CARBON on

  38. Seshu says:

    Please send me the quote for Carbon.. i am interested. ASAP…. or call me to 09700016463

  39. Ron says:

    interested in modifying an enfield into the KALASHNIKOV ASAP…email me the details on I intend to bring it overseas with me.

  40. virendra says:

    Hi sir,
    My name is virendra, i am from pune I have electra 2012 model and i want it to be modified in your Carbon model. Please send me the details or contact number for further verifications.


  41. Mohammed Shabeeb says:

    Dear bulleteer customizng group….
    1st of all im really happy to c the responses u getting. …great work guyz….really creatives….keep going. ..and Im having bullet 350…im very much impressed by ur shadow model…09809228620 is my mob number. … ismy id….pls mail me or possible ring me…I wil follow uin Facebook. ..pls giv me the details of ur shadow model….thanks alot 4 the patients to read ths…

  42. vinay kumar says:

    hi ,

    Looking for modifier of Classic 350 in to carbon black model first picture , pls call me 9949669665

  43. satish says:

    Can u please let me know the cost for the carbon pic,seen in ur profile. thanks. mail it to also

  44. Thomas says:

    I own a 2006 Thunderbird ES; with all the wires protruding,it looks untidy.wouldliketogive it a sleek look. if yes, what will it cost me?



  45. kunwar says:

    i own a standard 350cc,can it b modified into carbon?if so plz send m d quotation!

  46. vijay says:

    hi, i wanted to buy thinderbird350cc , kindly send me the quotention or call 9886039934

  47. Satnam dhillon says:

    i also want to modified my bike as a carbon plz let me know the cost n address
    so that i can contact u for that

  48. Seshu says:

    Why the hell no response to any comments/queries….it really pisses me a lot..Seshu

  49. Milind says:

    Money required for CARBON modification , I have lml energy 3 valve bike very good to modify, 09850240858

  50. lalnunsanga renthlei says:

    sir, I have classic 350 2012 model..could you please send me a details about your custom…08575560168

  51. lalnunsanga renthlei says:

    sir could you send me details and price for modifying classic 350 into a bike of your picture..the one with flat black

  52. Hari says:


    I have 1980’s bullet. I want to change my bike to carbon. please send me the details of carbon and how do I give it to u.

  53. Harssheth says:

    Please send me your workshop’s address to 9886889997 & 9900005595

  54. Ritesh says:

    Carbon quatation

  55. Dr. j. t. george says:

    Please let me have the contact details of the person who could guide me to customise my 350 cc Royal Enfield electra.
    Thank you ,

  56. vinod says:

    may i know the price of bullet customised as shadow and carbon

  57. DnyanD says:

    Bulleteer Customs: Without a shadow of doubt they are among the top 3 Custom Bikers in India. You people are an inspiration. Keep up the good work

  58. Praveen says:

    Hi Team, Please share me your workshop address.

  59. I want to buy Second no modified bulled what is procedure

  60. Bhavesh says:

    R these customized bike permitted on road by RTO. I had huge problem last time when i changed the head light , seat arrangement for my 350. If i get custom bike from you will i be able to drive on road of maharashatra.

  61. Hi Team, Please share me your workshop address.may i know the price of bullet customised as shadow and carbon

  62. Plz contact I need it badly


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