Bajaj Pulsar 150 turned into a neat Cafe Racer

Most of us starts a custom bike building project with a genre, fashion or style in mind. You might want something that oozes classic café racers alike, or maybe you’re thinking of a creation in a brat style with a touch of tracker thrown in for good luck. But above all, the first thing hits the head is the donor bike! What it should be to to match your styling. Like you can not build a Fat Chopper using a tiny engine.. I mean that’s tough. Why would someone spends extra head converting so! So, Bajaj Pulsar, India’s most appreciate street bike by youth, wasn’t our cake, seriously we didn’t have a second thought if the bike could be converted into any classy genre! We were literally amazed seeing the Cafe Racer by Bombay Custom guys, they did wonder – it’s a Bajaj Pulsar 150 in the heart!

They named it “Serrao”, we liked everything they dig on the bike, truly a nice conversion beyond we even think of…and hey wait a sec, that’s a bobber seat they’ve used on a Cafe Racer! An unique try and decent outcome again. Only the exhaust part scores a bit low as we believe that could be a better build, may be a fish tailed could have a better choice like they did on their RX Cafe Racer, we posted earlier..!?

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Shail Sheth
Mumbai 04, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400019
Phone 09920733138
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Image Courtesy : Bombay Custom Works

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37 thoughts on “Bajaj Pulsar 150 turned into a neat Cafe Racer

  1. nicely modified. handlebar and the fuel tank is just perfect….i understand there might be some unique idea of using the bobber seat, but i believe the standrd cafe seat might push the bike more into cafe racer line….

  2. what a Perfection..!!!! grate job, i was tired of watching some cheap modification ……….u just gave me the Hope for my bike..

  3. what a Perfection..!!!! grate job, i was tired of watching some cheap modification ……….u just gave me the Hope for my bike..w

  4. Wad can i say, i just love my bike old round headlight bajaj pulsar, way more good in pick up and still top speed is 104 km/hr. I am interested in the design i wanted to know how i can modify my bike in d same way. I am more interested into the cost for this job coz i would have been purchased a new bike instead. So please mail me the details or quotations for the same.

  5. I have pulses 150 which I wanted to modify the same u have done it I have given my email id kinky send me the details how much will it cast or ifbubcan send me some detail pic of the bike

  6. Speedometer not at the right place its should be near the headlight. Since there is large gap between headlight and speedometer

  7. How much it cost to modify any bike into cafe`racer????? Pls inform me ASAP… Im interested to visit ur shop….

    1. U can tell me average cost of a modification so as per dat i wil plan myself… Huurry buddy…. waitin for ua reply

  8. I have always loved the engine response of old pulsars. You feel so connected to the bike. I want to carry on with this awesomeness but some upgrade is much needed.
    Hi! I have the Pulsar dtsi 2004 model(kick only) round headlight (silver). I do not have much issie with the body. All i dream is to make it a super performer with better power, braking wothout compromising the classic pulsar engine feel and milege.
    So can you give me some guidance on how to achieve this. I am from Sikkim so coming to your place with bike is out of question.
    Many tx in advance.

  9. Hi ,

    I want buy a modified bike from you…I dont have any old bike..can u tell me how much your bike will cost…i live in delhi how much will be transportation charges?

    Thank you

  10. Hi I have a pulsar 150 cc and I want to modify it same like above, can you please let me know how much it costs to modify like this.. please let me know and I am from Hyderabad and my phn# 9966389282

  11. Please do let me know the cost of modification for Pulsar 150 into cafe like this one. How much it’s gone take for modification.
    9018537224, 9086888053

  12. nice look and better this way. i love it. can u tell me how much it costs to modify my pulsar 150 exactly like but with a double seat.

  13. Hi
    I have a Bajaj Pulsar 150 2004 make. I want to get it modified. Please suggest some options with relevant quotes.

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