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Artistic sense of India is one of the many things that continue to make country proud and narrate an interesting story about the country’s heritage. However, motorcycling isn’t a social part of the culture here and hence the art of the motorcycle hasn’t really had the attention it deserves, who are very keen on to maintain the class  with elaborated paint jobs and customizing the outlines as an outward expression of both individual creativity and identity.  We applaud the latest build from Niar Arts of Delhi, qualifies to receive our high praise, in term of the modification over the body and paint job – both!

The elegant 350cc Royal Enfield Thunderbird is named as Neo, Naveen Nair, the key person behind the build shared his experience with us,  “The main highlight of this design is the engraving all over and that is what defines this bike. I had no training or experience in engraving at all and couldn’t find a Guru for this either. So I spent a lot of hours on the internet to gain as much information as possible on the subject and decided to just start doing it and train myself in this skill. This is not a new concept for me as most of the work I do is self taught and trained, for e.g. paint-jobs, welding and constructing metal body parts etc. (with a lot of help from the internet – Youtube can be a great Guru!)
I used a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc as the donor bike. It’s a 2004 year model with an AVL aluminum Engine. The chassis is custom made into a hard tail suspension. The rear tyre is 200mm and the front one is 120mm. The wheelbase has been extended. The seat cover is laser etched leather in floral pattern. The donor bike came with drum brakes assembly both front and rear, so we added disk brakes to it. Only the engine has been kept stock in this design, everything else you see there is custom made.

Neo took me almost a year to complete with many months of sleepless nights spent engraving (yes, nights only, I could never manage to concentrate enough on this tedious task in the day. It always worked out at night only). I just hope all that effort shows on the bike. This project is not just another one for me, it is a new beginning. I hope you find it as much special too.”


Nair Arts
Naveen Nair
Delhi, India
Mob: +91-9953089992

Pictures Courtesy: Nair Arts

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