Ameture Customizer from Delhi

Sumesh Suri, a Guy from Delhi, built this machine for himself. The chopper looks pretty cool with nice color and proper alignment.

Well, we do not have more details of  his chopper-looking custom bike, he once sent photos for our website with a few notes. Let’s hear what he said,

I designed with a guy by looking at some Harley pics and Manu Srivastava fabricated and put the bike together for me, took us about 6 months.

We wondered seeing the double V engine installed in the bike, so thought of asking him, he replied

Actually it is a false cover mounted on the engine cover, to give it the V2 look, the inside is a regular engine without any modifications..

We would love to see more motorcycle enthusiasts like Sumesh designing their own ride with little off stream ideas. You are welcome to share your modded bike to us via

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