Aks, the modified Royal Enfield by Puranam Designs, Visakhapatnam

Let me tell you all customized bike fans, Customizing any motorcycle is a challenge. Getting the aesthetics of the bike right along with a good balance of performance modifications is an art-form and of all the motorcycles that are being converted. Lets not write another fat article (we know riders don’t read much) and bring you our new finding by Puranam Designs of Visakhapatnam who were featured here months before with a modified bullet. Here’s some of the cool photographs of the newest build Aks by Puranam Design, which is a said “bobber” by them (we technically wish to disappear the front fender though).

Notes by Puranam Design about Aks on facebook :There’s a theme why this bike is being named as “Aks”. This belongs to a young to be engineer Akshay Hiremath. This being our initial bike, no matter how many builds we do, this will always be our initial build and will always be referred to when we talk of our builds. So its like a shadow of our work and will follow us for ever. Hence Aks is the best name we could bounce back again and again whenever we thought of what should this bike be called. All you biker buffs out there, as promised….we present to you…Aks. Its a bobber design as fantasized by Akshay. We had put all our heart and soul to bring the best of this 2009 RE Thunderbird. When Akshay said “wow” seeing this pics, all our hardwork and efforts were best paid off. The best part of this build is again – the whole bike is re-build without tampering with the chassis or engine. We hope we have outperformed our first bike – yea the red one on the first pic. Cheers to all and its a gentleman promise, next build will be ready by mid of feb 2013. Stay in touch.

We are thankful to Rupanand Pradhan, the marketing manager of Puranam Design, who had helped us reaching/finding Aks. The photo credits belong to them as well.

According to Puranam Design, the displayed motorcycle can be built with/within a price tag of 1.6 lacs plus the donor bike. To contact and place an order you can reach them via facebook or can call the below number.

+91 9999619004
Puranam Designs

Please mention us (350CC.com) when you contact Puranam Designs.

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8 thoughts on “Aks, the modified Royal Enfield by Puranam Designs, Visakhapatnam

  1. Completely ashtonished by the work of puranam designs . Hats off . Aks is a basic custom, but seems good to the eyes. But the thing is that every custom house is in its place they cant be compared. And god bless them they are doing their work well. Jai hind

  2. a bobber technically should not have a rear seat or a front fender. but yeah considering indian market it’s pretty obvious to need of a rear seat 😀
    good converstion of a Thunderbird…also the logo is cool…
    nice photography as well 😀

  3. I wanna modify my buttel bike and if u have any franchise ,i also wanna ur franchise..desperately…

  4. Please, don’t ever use polyurethane over paint. It will yellow in blotchy patches over time and ruin all of your hard work. Love your paint job! Way to go!

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