500CC Classic Enfield turned into Bobber : Young Kid Custom

We believe, most custom made bikes are the outcome of the thought “What you ride is a reflection of who you are”… sounds a little romantic doesn’t it? Well, most people dream about owning an unique bike, a bad ass bike that created for own! Thankfully we got few guys who are indeed managing to translate your dreams. In Delhi again, guys from the house “Young Kid Custom“, who earlier transformed a Thunderbird into a Scrambler,  are building some excellent bikes. Check out this Agnee, a 500CC Royal Enfield Classic modified into a beautiful bobber.

Sunil from Young Kid Custom shared the details with 350CC.com “So this is basically a 500cc classic turned into a bobber. Following the minimal yet appealing design and color. The big peanut shaped tank and the lond handle bars sets a beautiful and comfrtable postion to ride on. The elements that catches the look of the whole bike are the chrome plated craved iron rods that play through the whole design and gives the minimal line work on the tank and fenders.With the single seat made of leather and quilted in diamond hatch works enhances the detailing of the bike.



Young Kid Custom
Melvin Sehgal # 9811302804
New Delhi, India

Photo Courtesy : Young Kid Custom

Note : Please mention us (350CC.com) when you contact Young Kid Custom.

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2 thoughts on “500CC Classic Enfield turned into Bobber : Young Kid Custom

  1. like : exhaust placement, paintjob, headlights, front fork, handlebar

    not like : fuel tank shape is good but didnt like the inner curve, bike lenght looks shorter for a bobber…should have increased the frame length…its stock one here.
    overall : its a good one…appriceate much

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