Vegachoppers, Custom royal enfield choppers in India

Vegachopper is a  Mangalore based custom Motorcycle workshop, delivering wonderful modifications with skills and passions.

What they say

We’ve loved motorcycles ever since we were kids — much like a lot of Indian boys. We started riding when we were thirteen years old (we had to tip-toe to support the bikes). There is something special about riding. Its hard to explain. When you saddle up, grab that handle and start the fire, its as if the your soul gets wings. From that point on, the world freedom takes on a whole new meaning. Once you discover riding, you begin to see things differently. There was life before you learned to ride and then there is life after. It is such a life changing experience.

We started with our dad’s ‘Rajdoot’ before moving on to ‘Yezdi’, ‘ Yamaha’ and ‘Bullet’. At the time, the biggest piece of electronics you could find on a bike was a horn. These bikes were as raw as and as strong as the iron they were cast from. Every warrior needs chariot — all his own. So, every single rupee that we could save was spent on modifying the tank, muffler, handle bars and paint work of our cycles. This self expression was our way of saying that our rides are as unique as our DNAs.

Vega Choppers was born out of this need to stand out and be counted. In 2006, we started building choppers for our friends in Mangalore, India. We now specializes in handcrafting low, lean, and lengthy choppers. We start with a stock bike and hand craft tank, fenders, frame, headlight, foot pedals, handle bar and mufflers to make the machine unique. We do not make copies of our own work, so when you get a chopper from us, its truly like no other. We start the design process by working with the owner who wants his ride customized. This process ensures that the final product is a true reflection of owner’s vision. Some of our inspirations come from Old School, Bobber, East Coast, and West Coast chopper traditions. We believe that when a man and his machine become one, nothing else matters. Depending on the degree of customization, each bike can cost anywhere from 1 to 2.5 lakh rupees (2 to 5 grands, US Dollars).

You can contact us at 984-513-5307 (ask for Amrith Raj) or email to

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