16 Years boy modded this Pulsar…Good start boy!

Ok, this is probably not the best custom modded bike you see here, probably this ain’t the best example of what a Cafe Racer is…but..I thought of having the bike posted on the blog as a very young boy did his hands on ..yes probably the youngest guy in our blog – Tarun Sharma, a 16 years boy from Jodhpur, Rajasthan…set up a workshpp : Old Legacy custom. this is what we hear from him

“I m 16yr old , building bikes for the last 4 year . I should say living with them .
My first built was on a donor bike hero honda which i turned into a bike resembling thunderbird . I had established my work shop in a handicraft factory of my uncle , but soon opening my new shop . I had science in 11th class but dropped it and with humanities and math as a sub . I m going to appear for architecture this year but automobiles runs in my vein so i was not able to leave my passion.
So i setup a work shop and i m building bikes in jodhpur
With a budget of 25000 bucks
I restored a bajaj pulsar 2001 model alone and built a caferacer out of it ,with a budget of 25000 bucks
This bike was a fitoor (passion) of mine so i named it FITOOR”

We wish him luck and expect some better deals in near future! Cheers boy!

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3 thoughts on “16 Years boy modded this Pulsar…Good start boy!

  1. Hey

    I really liked your work. I am currently in a mood to get myself a cafe racer built.
    Can you help me out with this?

    A reply mail would be appreciated !

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